• New work by Ken Rausch

    Posted: Sep 18 2014

    Due to the huge popularity of his first collection here in the gallery we are pleased to have had another shipment from Cincinnati based artist Ken Rausch.     These highly anticipated new works are sure to sell out quickly. Ken's work is a true alchemy of copper, gold leaf, paints, inks, sprays and resin. The copper is sanded, etched and battered to create an almost holographic work of art.     View the full collection here
  • Fabulous new works by Shane McCoubrey, new in the gallery this week

    Posted: Sep 15 2014

    These beautiful new paintings entitled "The Lakes", by one of our favorite artists Shane McCoubrey, have just arrived in the gallery .     Produced with liquid silver, inks, oils, resin and pure silver leaf. Here is a close up:    
  • Posh Pawn is back again - Channel 4 filming @Wyecliffe with the lovely Lawrence

    Posted: Sep 13 2014

  • New from Kerry Darlington

    Posted: Sep 06 2014

    A new piece from Kerry Darlington is starting to take shape...
  • It started with - Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio

    Posted: Sep 02 2014

    In 1928 the brothers released a Disney short called "Steamboat Willie" which for the first time was accompanied by sound and Walt himself as the voice of Mickey.  In 1933 the Disney brothers most successful cartoon short was released entitled "The Three Little Pigs". A short that became synonymous with America's Great Depression. In 1934 and what became commonly known as "Disney's Folly" within the animation industry was Walt's desire in producing a full length feature film. In 1934 the film went into full production and continued until mid-1937 when every last studio dollar had been spent on the film. The only way Walt could complete the film was to show a rough cut of the movie to a loan officer, he did and secured the funding he needed to complete it. On the 21st December 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in Anaheim, California and received a...

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