• New Artist...Alex Jawdokimov

    Posted: Jun 23 2015

    Russian born Alex Jawdokimov has achieved not one, but three, careers  in his life; he has acted alongside Sean Connery, danced professionally and is now an internationally recognised artist with his eclectic designs and paintings featured all over the world as prints and posters. He was born on a farm in Smolensk before spending his childhood years in concentration camps across Europe. Having survived the holocaust, Jawdokimov and his mother, who had entertained British troops in refugee camps during the war, moved to England in 1947, when she found work as a housekeeper in a stately home in Somerset. He managed to learn English within two weeks and can also speak German, Polish and Ukrainian.He went on to train at Somerset College of Art in Taunton and then went on to become an illustrator, designing book jackets for the likes of Collins and Corgi, as well as numerous record covers for Pan Records, EMI and Decca....
  • Celtic Twilight by Kerry Darlington

    Posted: Jun 09 2015

    Over the past few week Kerry has been giving us a sneak peek of her next major Unique Edition release...Celtic Twilight. Due out in September/October with a very limited number of 195 being made we've only had teaser photos so far but we think you'll agree that this piece is going to be something special! We can exclusively reveal that the piece will be 30" x 40" (image size), will be prices £1,195 and will be a very limited edition of 195.We're now taking deposits to secure editions here. Or call us on 01932 847 939 or drop us an email to reserve your copy now.  
  • The first wall is up......

    Posted: Jun 06 2015

    The first wall is up in the new gallery and we couldn't resist hanging a picture on it straight away (much to the delight of the builders who had to move the scaffolding out of the way!). It takes a big wall to make an Undine XL look small, we are definitely going to need some even bigger paintings!  
  • Exclusive Limited Edition from David Renshaw

    Posted: May 02 2015

    We are proud to unveil an exclusive limited edition created especially for Wyecliffe Gallery by renowned artist David Renshaw!  David usually doesn't produce limited editions of his work which makes this piece extra special. The iconic hearts in each piece have been hand embellished by David so each piece is unique. David has also cleverly hidden the number of each edition in the piece as well as a sneaky reference to the gallery.        These limited editions are exclusive to Wyecliffe Gallery so you won't be able to purchase them from any other retailer. Order now to avoid disappointment by clicking here.
  • We're expanding!

    Posted: Apr 16 2015

    After months of planning we can finally reveal that we are expanding the gallery...again! Here at Wyecliffe Gallery we pride ourselves on our wide selection of art that suits all tastes and budgets, however this came at a price in terms of storage. Many of our regular clients may have noticed over the past few months the gallery has been looking a little full! We have now taken over a large warehouse space at the back of the current gallery to cope with our ever growing selection of art! This new space will primarily be used for our art consultancy service and to house some of our more interior design led artists but will also be used for private views, events and long running exhibitions. From all this extra space we are going to open up sections of the current gallery to include a framing area and a dedicated Kerry Darlington space so we...

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