Jeffrey Bisaillon - 'Chic'

December 22, 2018

Jeffrey Bisaillon - 'Chic'

The 12 Days of Christmas

The final weekend before Christmas: the perfect time to go out and grab those final presents (or in my case.... First presents!).

Today's '12-Days of Christmas' article explores one of our most incredible and unique works: the glorious 3D sculpture 'Chic' by visionary Jeffrey Bisaillon.

A Chic Artist

In 1996 Jeffrey Bisaillon and his brother Michael Bisaillon moved into a house in Austin Texas. Jeffrey said to Michael “The walls in this house are bare, we should make some art to hang” the rest is history…

Born 1970 in Niskayuna, New York, Jeffrey is a self taught artist that has painted for 20+ years. He has painted in many genres through the years, but his earliest connection was with the abstract. Most of his work is achieved through his process of applying and removing paint in methodical layers of colour and technique. His current abstracts have a clean, modern edge. The pairing of vibrant colours, bold brush work and resin finish create energetic pieces that jump off the wall. He is fascinated by making the simplest shapes into a thing of beauty.

A Labour of Love

“I am in constant search of that perfect
union of art and design in order to entice
ones freedom of thought and emotion”
- Jeffrey Bisaillon

In the classic ‘Op Art’ tradition ‘Chic’ is a fully 3D wall sculpture. The mixed media is applied to a custom vacuum-formed background; the technique developed by Jeffrey, along with his brother Michael. As the viewer moves around the picture, the 3D elements move and react in an arresting parallax effect.
The combination of two titans of pop-culture: Marilyn Monroe and the iPhone, along with other ubiquitous cultural signifiers: Chic focuses on Jeffrey’s explorations of individuality, identity and icons - literal and metaphorical. It is the perfect gift for lovers of Norma Jean, pop-art, postmodernism or simply… Chic!

Merry Christmas from Wyecliffe!

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