The Wyecliffe Christmas Buyer's Guide

November 17, 2017

The Wyecliffe Christmas Buyer's Guide

A festive sea-change is happening.  A quiet revolution rebelling against trends for disposable gadgetry and throw away fashion. The need to find Christmas gifts of longevity and endurance to show the special someone you care; a quest to create a lasting sense of love and wellbeing at home. Art is a wonderful, permanent reminder of your thoughts and efforts, though perhaps daunting for the gift-giver to ‘get it right’.  Nobody can know your loved one like you, though here are some handy tips to help get you on your way to finding the perfect, memorable art piece this Christmas;

What kind of house does your loved one have?

If you are a little stumped as to where to start, beginning with where your special someone lives can help with your brainstorming. A new build or modern home with contemporary finishes may lend itself to the bright and bold piece; with world class credentials the unique genre of post urban glamour by Lhouette are coveted by many. Decorated with popular iconography, they can be picked by your loved one’s favourite car brand or cartoon character.  Recent edition Emergency Credit is selling fast and with just a couple of editions left, if sure to be a future collector’s item.

If the home is a cosy traditional terrace or cottage, selecting a classical toned piece such as the evocative original scenic works of Harry Brioche in which he paints to light up the landscape. Allan Morgan paints on the borders of Herefordshire, creating startling contrast between dramatic sky and bursting fields of colour.

Think of the sentiment you’d like to communicate; be that love, friendship or grateful thanks.

They say a picture can say a thousand words and that is particularly true of the paintings of Southport born artist David Renshaw. Celebrating both the little every day moments to the lifetime milestones, the incredible Northern Romance collection featuring his beloved creations Doris and Ted are heart-warming tales of companionship. With every original painting featuring a shining bright love heart your special someone will instantly know just how much you care. With recent Wyecliffe exclusive collection of pencil sketches joining the catalogue, these simple yet accomplished works are a perfect subtler addition to an existing collection too.

Do you have any shared favourite memories?

Think of all the best days you have enjoyed with your loved one or family member – did you have a fantastic day out in London around Westminster, or perhaps a cultural minibreak to a European city. There are so many genres to pick from and a cityscape artwork can be a brilliant reminder of those fun days. Pick from the frenetic pacey original Nigel Cooke paintings which characterise iconic landmarks internationally, to the classic painted patchwork pieces of Veronica Benoni whose stylised pieces feature metallic foil accents.

If the city isn’t their thing, perhaps the salty air of the seaside is. Recalling fond summer days, coastal paintings can be a wonderful way to reminisce about long sunlit memories whilst in the depths of winter. Quirky yet dreamy originals from Anne Blundell feature hoards of figures swimming in the sea or strolling along eating an ice cream. With original works such as The Old Custom House Padstow to be picked for your special someone, summer need never end for them.

Do they have a favourite story or animal?

Think on what your special someone loves to do; are they a perhaps prolific reader enjoying tales of fantasy and adventure. Classic fairy stories are re-interpreted with modern zest in technicolour beauty in Kerry Darlington original and unique limited-edition pieces. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan to name but a few, these signature childhood tales work perfectly for every generation. Recent release the Princess and the Pea or iconic scene A Mad Tea Party are both fantastic places to start. 

If your loved one is animal mad, or has a favourite pet, the character creations from the unrivalled artist Zimbabwe born painter Rozanne Bell could delight and dazzle.  From furry friends most commonly found on British soil, to exotic creatures from her native Africa the wild variety is extraordinary. Favourites at Wyecliffe Galleries include the tender moment between zebra mother and child in Just Like You, and the good-humoured expression of pet rabbit Frolic and Bounce.

Rozanne Bell Wyecliffe

With The Wyecliffe Advantage, picking the perfect painting has never been easier.  All orders include complimentary premium delivery via courier on a week date of your selection. Arriving between 8am-12noon Monday-Friday weekly, purchase with us right up until midday on Thursday 21st December for guaranteed delivery for Christmas* (*final delivery day to receive orders pre-Christmas is Friday 22nd December)

With 12 months 0% interest free credit also available on every purchase above £350, your generous gesture need not break your bank either. When shopping online look out for the monthly price on the original painting or limited edition you are keen to buy for your family member or friend! For more information about this facility, click here

And as if that isn’t all, all online orders qualify for our Loyalty Points scheme. With 8 points rewarded for every pound spent, they are worth claiming! After your order you will receive an e-mail invitation to sign up meaning that when you treat yourself to a painting next time, there is a little thank you from us to redeem too.

If you are still struggling with what to pick and have you heart set on gifting an original painting from Kerry Darlington, Rozanne Bell, David Renshaw, Lhouette, do give us a call on 01932 847939 to talk about both our popular Gift Vouchers and Christmas Exchange Policy.

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