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Free Becky Smith tree decorations

Hand-painted glow-in-the-dark ornaments

Get into the festive spirit with the first-ever Christmas Tree Decoration created by Becky Smith, gifted as complimentary to collectors with the purchase of the above artwork*. Exclusively available at Wyecliffe Galleries, Becky has hand-painted each charming decoration. Ranging from butterflies to her iconic moons, each decoration has also been painted in her trademark glow-in-the-dark paint. A timeless memento to cherish and admire on your tree display for years to come, act quickly as there are just a handful of these special ornaments available.

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Please note it will not be possible to request the design of your Christmas Tree Decoration.

Japanese Blossom

Beauty in full bloom

Becky Smith's new 'Japanese Blossom' collection blends her unique aesthetic with traditional ideas from Japanese culture, showcasing natures beautiful Cherry Blossom trees that infuse the springtime landscape with soft pinks, whites and lilacs.

Becky has shown her attraction to symbolism with her Constellation collection, with her also exploring the beauty of the natural world in her Infinity and New Perspectives collections. Smith has crafted this stunning selection of artworks by drawing from the significance spring blossoms have in Japanese culture. Cherry blossoms, called Sakura (桜), hold a very prominent position in the countries culture, signifying a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of life. Their blossoming is even celebrated with a national holiday.

Two main terms are associated with the Cherry Blossom season in Japan, hanami (花見) which literally means "watching blossoms" and yozakura (夜桜), which means "night sakura". To show reverence to these ancient traditions Becky has used her specialised UV glow in the dark paint to embody both of these terms, allowing the beauty of the flowers to be viewed in any light.

Each piece is crafted by hand using layers of paint and clear resin, creating depth and beauty that could rival the Cherry Blossoms themselves. With her circular works physically embodying the cycle of life and time of renewal that the Sakura personify.

Becky Smith

A rising talent exclusive to Wyecliffe

With an agenda to create a dream-like reality, Becky absorbs her surroundings near and far to fuse ideas from the outer-most corners of our galaxy to the soil beneath our feet. With an adoration for nature found during exotic travels, many collections focus on the concept of paradise with flora and fauna in abundance. Wildlife can be traced to the artists’ love of animals; whales can be found amongst the stars, and jellyfish electrify in the oceans. Smith encourages us all to wonder and marvel at the brilliance of natural phenomena and take note of the inner artist that can be found within.

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