Blossoms & Blooms

The Floral Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries covers a range of mediums from acrylic artworks, oil paintings and gloss resin finishes. Intricately created and using gentle brushstrokes, artists from this collection include Kerry Darlington, Beatriz, Rozanne Bell, Allan Morgan, Amylee, Jean Picton, Ruby Kellar and Leanne Christie.

Beatriz Elorza Riva Del Garda - Original $8,155.00 USD
Beatriz Elorza Gioia - Original $8,149.00 USD
Laura Beck Sunburst - Original $1,650.00 USD
Laura Beck Volvic - Original $1,650.00 USD
Laura Beck Rouge - Original $1,650.00 USD
Amylee Wallpapers - Original from $5,898.00 USD
Amylee P!nk Roses - Original from $3,899.00 USD
Laura Beck Red Memories - Original $631.00 USD
Beatriz Elorza Last Chance - Original $8,149.00 USD
Laura Beck Water Petals Green - Original $631.00 USD
Laura Beck Water Petals Blue - Original $631.00 USD
Beatriz Elorza Renaissance - Original $10,831.00 USD
Beatriz Elorza Life on Mars - Original $7,002.00 USD
Beatriz Elorza Benahavis - Original $7,002.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Kaleidoscope - Original $3,816.00 USD