Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Vintage Vogue Art by Sophia Alvis of Lee

Immerse Yourself in an Era of Glamour and Sophistication

Make the 1960s and ’70s your own with these gorgeous mixed-media collage pieces which feature vintage Vogue magazines from that era. Get transported to an era of elegance and high style as well as influential fashion.

Celebrations of an Era

For all those who dream of living in the gloriously bohemian times of the 1960s and '70s, we present Sophia Alvis of Lee's new collection, Vintage Vogue. These mixed-media compositions have been created with iconic pages of vintage Vogue magazine, layers of textures, and different paints. As with all her artworks, each piece features a bird, representing the artist's freedom.

"For me there is really something special in reading vintage articles, marking a special time in history, the smell of the pages and just owning and touching such an infl uencial vintage magazine that someone loveingly owned. I would love to transport myself back to various diff erent eras, so this is the closest I am going to get in doing so! Growing up in London, I feel proud to see and read Iconic shows, shops and streets.

(Actually something very strange happened when purchasing these magazines, I randomly purchased May 1953 edition, the first page I turned to was an article on Vogue’s Gastronomic Food Guide - where to eat in London - 2 of my grandfathers restaurants where meantion in the article!! it was a special, emotional moment for me. I decided not to use this edition for the collection however)."

- Sophia Alvis of Lee

1968 was a pivotal year globally, marked by signifi cant events that shaped history. A couple of key moments tributed on this piece are:

  • The unforgettable assignation of Martin Luther King. Tribute to this on the canvas is highlighted with a graffiti peace sign with an arrow through it.
  • NASA - Apollo 8 orbited the moon for the fi rst time in history. A little silver moon and hand drawn Apollo 8 ship marks the tribute to this on the canvas.

Influencial adverts of this vintage vogue that ring true to a Londoner such as myself: The House of Fortnum & Mason.

This edition magazine listed various different artists of this time, unfortunately I would need a larger canvas to include these. Instead an article has been featured.

Some real gems found in this magazine including Monte Carlos Flying Circus - An article on high flying celebrities and royalty of this era. An small article on Niki Lauda wining the F1, racing for Ferrari the year prior to his big crash! A big mark in F1 history!

A sweet small Christian Dior advert and Liberty’s again marking one of Londons iconic stores. Growing up in London, names such as Liberty’s and Fortnums really are iconic.

I love the freedom of this Vogue edition. ‘News from the Sex Revolution’ really marking the spirit of this bell-bottoms, birth of disco era.

Vogues point of view article featuring the Modern and classical ballet shows in London. Being an ex dancer and my mother dancing at the Royal Opera House, this article fills me with nastoligia and emotion imagining my mother dancing, possibly even at a performance that was listed and where my roots come from.

‘Who Wore What’ article, Liberty’s name throughout the magazine really stamping the fact this is London, I love that with these UK edition Vogues. Vogues Point of View article featuring art to invest in. Vogues Model Contest form - really hightlights a simplicity to the era and how times have changed!

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