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The Epic and the Intimate: Meet David Renshaw

David Renshaw Northern Romance

"My paintings are a reflection of my innermost thoughts and feelings."

Based in Southport, acclaimed Artist David Renshaw is Northern ‘born and bred’ from a Northern family.

A former graphic design student and picture framer, Renshaw was initially taught the basics of art by his father – and indeed the influence of family and community is at the centre of his work. Both the darkly atmospheric landscapes and towns of the North and his own kith & kin.

“I find myself fascinated with how people can overcome incredibly difficult circumstances…. With the relationship element it feels like there’s a strength there they wouldn’t have otherwise…"

Northern Romance

His immense affection for this upbringing is a major underlying theme of his celebrated ‘Ted and Doris’ works: The Northern Romance for which he has become celebrated since 2010.

“I put dark backgrounds in to underline the effort: life isn’t always ‘plain sailing’ but ultimately the overriding sentiment is positivity, love and happiness.”

Ted and Doris Northern Romance David Renshaw

Epic Landscapes

Of course…. Renshaw’s many aficionados know him to also be a painter of magnificent landscapes and it was this passion – initially centred on Europe that led him to prominence in the art world a decade ago.

“I always try to make my work feel ­atmospheric. I pay particular attention to sky and cloud formations as I consider this element of my work to be extremely important to the mood of the painting... Whether it be a dramatic sunset or a misty moonlit night.”

David Renshaw Landscape Original Art

David Renshaw Today

Renshaw’s landscapes are still a source of great pleasure and contemplation for him. Recently he has been bringing ‘Ted and Doris’ firmly into his powerful, dramatic environments, particularly with his dynamic lighthouse works; the perfect fusion of the epic and the intimate.

David Renshaw Lighthouse

Now firmly established in the contemporary art world for over 10 years, David Renshaw’s work continues to evolve and inspire! Here at the Wyecliffe Galleries, we have one of the world's largest and most spectacular collection of David Renshaw works. Take a look here or pop into the gallery and visit us anytime!