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Visualising the Brief

Digital Mockup Service

Working with architects, property developers and interior designers, our experienced team can offer spectacular digital mock-ups of potential art choices, placed to scale within elevations or floor plans. A service especially useful to those planning substantial renovations or complete home-builds, this virtual visual provides the opportunity to refine ideas and choices very early on within the process.


Often complementing our bespoke commissions service, consultant, designer and client work closely to achieve a concept that provides much needed reassurance of the success of the end presentation – we aim to provide art that intrinsically works with the structure and aesthetics of the space.


Exceptionally useful in supporting key decisions around the placement of wiring to be chased into walls for those wishing to backlight their art, positioning of electrical switches and sockets, as well as the best way to illuminate the zone, as of course the art. Often offering our consultancy before the first brick has been laid, we believe in the ethos of ‘art from the ground up’.