Wyecliffe Christmas 2018

Art is a wonderful, permanent reminder of your thoughts and efforts, though perhaps daunting for the gift-giver to ‘get it right’.  Nobody can know your loved one like you, though here are some handy examples to help get you on your way to finding the perfect, memorable art piece this Christmas....

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Laura Beck Momentum - Original €1.298,95 EUR
Laura Beck Phenomenon - Original €1.298,95 EUR
Laura Beck Drifting - Original €1.180,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Journey to the Ice Palace - Edition €1.061,95 EUR
Laura Beck Dragon Carp - Original €1.535,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Calm With Pink - Original €385,95 EUR
Lhouette Hong Kong Dollar - Luigi - Original €1.180,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Showers Mini - Original €195,95 EUR
Ruby Keller Fuschia Fields - Original €1.061,95 EUR
Ruby Keller Bold Bloom - Original €1.061,95 EUR
Ruby Keller Illuminate I - Original €1.061,95 EUR
Jean Picton Nothing But Love - Original €1.037,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Elixir of Love - Edition €942,95 EUR
Beatriz Technicolour Tree - Original €942,95 EUR
Beatriz Sherbert Forest - Original €942,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Princess and the Pea - Edition €1.417,95 EUR
Simon Claridge Muhammad Ali - The Greatest - Edition €1.180,95 EUR
Beatriz Enchanted Butterflies - Original €942,95 EUR
Allan Morgan The Red Sea - Original €770,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Snow Queen - Edition €1.524,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Flower Girls Set of Two - Editions €1.885,95 EUR
Stan Lee Wolverine #17 - Edition from €1.779,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Learning to Fly - Rare Remarque Edition €527,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Little Lace Tree - Edition €705,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Cherry Blossom - Edition €705,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Elderberry Tree - Edition €705,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Plum Blossom - Edition €705,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Midnight Gold- Edition €770,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Edition €1.535,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Poppy - FINAL EDITION €942,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Sunflower - FINAL EDITION €942,95 EUR