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It started with - Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio

In 1928 the brothers released a Disney short called "Steamboat Willie" which for the first time was accompanied by sound and Walt himself as the voice of Mickey.

 In 1933 the Disney brothers most successful cartoon short was released entitled "The Three Little Pigs". A short that became synonymous with America's Great Depression.

In 1934 and what became commonly known as "Disney's Folly" within the animation industry was Walt's desire in producing a full length feature film.
In 1934 the film went into full production and continued until mid-1937 when every last studio dollar had been spent on the film. The only way Walt could complete the film was to show a rough cut of the movie to a loan officer, he did and secured the funding he needed to complete it.

On the 21st December 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in Anaheim, California and received a standing ovation from an overwhelmed audience.
The golden age of animation had begun and the rest as they say is history!

The Wyecliffe Gallery is proud to present Disney Original Art capturing artistic interpretations of Disney's rich tapestry and continuing legacy, these works are showcased through a series of unique and exclusive original paintings and hand signed limited editions. All artwork is authorised and approved by The Walt Disney Company.