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Lhouette's New Legacy Edition

Paying Homage to The Great Masters

Lhouette revisits his iconic 'Hyper Pop' project with the release of the highly anticipated ‘Legacy’ edition 'Headspace'. Inspired by René Magritte’s 'The Son of Man', the artist draws viewers into a surreal vision of the mind, underscoring Lhouette's continuing evolution as an innovative and influential artist.

Legacy Edition

With his latest release ‘Headspace,’ British pop artist Lhouette proves his mastery of fusing artistic styles by blending his signature pop maximalism with surrealist tradition. Inspired by René Magritte’s seminal 1928 work ‘The Son of Man,’ Lhouette pays homage to this iconic painting while inserting his irreverent style. The body remains clad in a suit and tie, though his face becomes a collage of pop culture icons from Disney characters to emojis, layered with a plethora of pop culture visuals and icons, each carrying symbolic or suggestive meanings. Elements such as the green apple wink to Magritte’s legacy, while retro graphics latch onto Lhouette’s postmodern style. This fusion of masters across generations represents the best of both artistic worlds; breathing life into surrealist themes and further proving 21st Century Pop Art can be smart and subversive.

Utilising Magritte's recognisable masterpiece as the foundation to delve into themes of identity, Lhouette views it as a representation of the tension between what’s revealed and concealed. Proposing that this conflict resonates with the current social media and digital era’s impact on mental health, the work delves into themes of identity and the kind of information we should be filling our minds with.

The original iconic artwork of ‘Headspace’ was part of Lhouette’s acclaimed HYPER POP collection, born from his collaboration with automotive personality Shmee150 to wrap a Ford GT supercar in Lhouette’s signature artwork.

Our shared mission was to support the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), raising awareness of mental health conditions through art. This groundbreaking project sparked a cultural phenomenon, resonating powerfully online, garnering over 4 million views.

HYPER POP represented the convergence of imagination and technology, with Lhouette’s bold visuals enveloping an automotive icon. Further amplifying its impact, the Ford GT embarked on a European Road Trip with the Super Car Owners Circle across the sun-drenched landscape of Andalusia and served as one the star attractions at the esteemed Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Lhouette’s addition of splattered spray paint, bespoke raised and distressed panels, stencilled designs, and hand-torn edges add new dimensions to the visual concept. His frames play with shape and texture, becoming part of the art itself. By seamlessly weaving such distinctly different aesthetics, Lhouette creates something entirely new. Further challenging the notion of what a print edition can be, the artist introduces ‘Headspace’ as his first ever Legacy edition.

Referring to a unique collection of low-numbered, meticulously studio-crafted, hand-enhanced mixed media editions, these distinctive pieces are often recreations of celebrated original works, carrying the same attributes as boutique or deluxe editions. The original pieces that inspire these editions have typically gained prominence by featuring them in major exhibitions or gallery projects. Additionally, these works might have contributed significantly to raising awareness for charitable causes or PR campaigns, or have been showcased or sold through globally recognized auction houses.

With ‘Headspace’, Lhouette once again expands the boundaries of contemporary art. His technical mastery allows seemingly contradictory styles to co-exist beautifully. This alchemy makes Lhouette a trailblazer capable of reconciling art’s past and future.

Legacy Editions (Work In Progress)


To commemorate and continue the campaign’s impact, a studio donation to CALM will be made with every Legacy Edition sold to continue raising essential funds for CALM’s life-saving outreach to prevent suicide across the UK.

As Lhouette’s flagship representative, Wyecliffe Galleries welcomes all enquiries via info@wyecliffe.com or on +44 (0) 1932 84939.


The original “Headspace” painting was part of Lhouette’s acclaimed HYPER POP collection, born from his collaboration with automotive personality Shmee150 to wrap a Ford GT supercar in Lhouette’s signature artwork. This groundbreaking project sparked a cultural phenomenon. HYPER POP represented the convergence of imagination and technology, with Lhouette’s bold visuals enveloping an automotive icon. After being wrapped for over a year, the Ford GT served as the star at events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

At the prestigious Supercar Owners Circle (SOC) retreat in Andalusia, Spain, the wrapped Ford GT took center stage. This ultra-exclusive multi-day event provided a feast for the senses against the backdrop of the Iberian countryside. The iconic art car mingled with some of the rarest supercars in existence, blending imagination and engineering excellence. Lhouette and the Wyecliffe Galleries team attended, interacting with prestigious collectors eager to witness this fusion firsthand. For all involved, the SOC summit represented a pivotal moment - the pinnacle convergence of luxury automotive passion and boundary-pushing contemporary art. The one-of-a-kind Ford GT against the beautiful Spanish vistas created an experience that redefined perceptions of what visual splendor at the intersection of creativity and car culture could be.

The project reached its pinnacle at the legendary Pop X Culture auction hosted by Bonhams in October 2023. The four original HYPER POP works, including “Headspace,” were sold at this seminal art auction. Bidding was fierce for these boundary-pushing creations that encapsulated an artistic movement. Lhouette’s work shone under the global spotlight, further cementing his trademark style.

By releasing the new “Headspace” limited edition, collectors can acquire the essence of this groundbreaking body of work that reinvented perceptions of what art and an automotive collaboration could be. Lhouette continues to fly the flag of imaginative pop art with boundary-pushing projects that merge design, technology, and pure creative vision. “Headspace” carries this legacy forward into the future.

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