Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Lhouette x Shmee150 Ford GT HYPER POP Begins New Chapter


With the iconic wrap now removed from Shmee150's Ford GT, pop artist Lhouette will soon reimagine vinyl elements into exclusive original artworks. Continuing the energy sparked at the Bonhams After Hours unveil, this unique automotive and art crossover enters its highly anticipated next chapter.

Lhouette is embarking on the next thrilling step in the HYPER POP project - creating original artworks by upcycling parts of the vinyl wrap from Shmee150's personal Ford GT supercar. He'll be documenting the full creative process from vinyl deconstruction to reimagining elements into signature Lhouette pieces.

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The thrilling Bonhams POP X auction event marked the pinnacle celebration of Lhouette and Shmee150's meaningful art project - spotlighting critical funds raised for mental health charity CALM through Lhouette’s Hyper Pop works.

For one night only, the iconic wrapped supercar was unveiled at the Haunch of Venison Yard, capturing eager crowds queued outside the doors of Bond Street. Inside, guests were treated to an exclusive talk between Lhouette and CEO of CALM Simon Gunning, talking about the inspiration and journey of the project and the importance of mental health awareness.

Additional event highlights featured hundreds of enthusiastic attendees, videos and images capturing the buzzing atmosphere, and national press coverage from the likes of The Independent, Press and Journal, Western Daily Press, and more.

Take in the energy yourself through this legendary night celebrating contemporary art, automotive icons, and a worthy cause. The Ford GT wrap’s evolution into Lhouette originals is soon to unfold in the next chapter so stay tuned!

  • Medium: Original aerosol and acrylic on shaped wood relief, coated in UV protective high gloss resin. Set in a triple-tiered frame combination; striped inner, high gloss black ornate middle frame, and striped deep outer tray.

  • Image Size: 88.2 x 205 cm / 34.72" x 80.7"
  • Framed Size: 122.3 x 238.2 cm / 48.14" x 93.77"
  • Frame: Framed in a striped inner and block white outer tray combination.