Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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The Idea

Immerse yourself in the vibrant artistic revolution that is HYPER POP. This groundbreaking collaboration marked a significant partnership between Wyecliffe Galleries, visionary British pop artist Lhouette and automotive sensation Shmee150 that pushed boundaries and re-defined contemporary art.

Get ready for a multi-sensory experience as Lhouette's explosive use of colour, dynamic lines, and bold Pop Maximalist imagery brings the iconic Ford GT to life as never before. Witness the exhilarating creation process behind Lhouette's HYPER POP collection, forged through his masterful brushstrokes and meticulous techniques. From its awe-inspiring debut at Goodwood Festive of Speed to the grand finale auction at prestigious auction house Bonhams London, HYPER POP takes you on an artistic journey like no other. Our shared mission was to support the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), raising awareness through art. The project resonated powerfully online, garnering over 4 million views, and reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers in person across Europe.

The initial spark for HYPER POP arose during a pivotal Private Commission for one of Wyecliffe Galleries' most eminent clients. Our team was tasked with commissioning a suite of bespoke original works for the collector's newly constructed coastal property, which was over three years in the design and build. The spaces offered unparalleled opportunities for Lhouette’s imagination and ambition to run wild, including the ground floor luxury garage come office, designed to accommodate over twenty vehicles. This unique setting of surrounding exotic supercars with Lhouette's gritty yet refined aesthetic inspired a bold new concept - why not bring Lhouette's artistry onto the cars themselves?

The idea of wrapping a supercar in Lhouette's iconic imagination was originally proposed for the collector's Bugatti Veyron. However, when the client moved abroad, Wyecliffe, Lhouette and the team were so passionate about the creative concept, that they knew they had to bring it to life.

"If we're selecting art for walls (of the car showroom), why not the car's themselves?"

We reached out to renowned automotive authority Shmee150, also known as Tim Burton, to collaborate on making this boundary-pushing vision a reality. We felt honoured when Tim generously agreed to be part of the project and selected the Ford GT from his remarkable personal collection to be the 'canvas' for Lhouette's art. Tim thoughtfully chose the Ford GT not just for its automotive heritage, but because it held special sentimental value and he considered it already a work of art in its own right. We are extremely grateful to him for recognizing the potential of this fusion and making the HYPER POP revolution possible.

Wrapping the Ford GT

Lhouette was awestruck as he viewed Tim Burton's Ford GT in person, feeling an instant spark of inspiration for his next project, one his biggest to date. Taking the car's unique style back to his studio, he meticulously worked on designs to create a vinyl car wrap that would pay homage to the original red and gold 'Iron Man' colour palette. The design incorporated elements of this Marvel character, seamlessly blending them into a vibrant pop collage that became one of the most prominent features of the artwork. The fusion of Shmee150's sleek automotive design with Lhouette's creative vision resulted in a truly striking and memorable design. The iconic Ford GT underwent a dramatic visual transformation, wrapped in Lhouette's mesmerizing HYPER POP artwork. This ambitious process took a full week to meticulously wrap every contour of the GT's signature silhouette.

The wrapping was performed by specialist company Dub Customs in their dedicated facility. Advanced vinyl wrapping techniques were used to seamlessly cover the Ford GT in matte vinyl printed with Lhouette's custom designs. The process required painstaking precision to align the material with the vehicle's complex curves and detailing.

Lhouette was onsite at Dub Customs' facility for the full week-long wrapping process to collaborate and oversee this momentous occasion. The team at Wyecliffe Galleries and Shmee150 himself were also present during the initial wrapping stages to witness and document the Ford GT being utterly transformed. Despite the challenges of wrapping such an intricate supercar, the end result was perfection - the GT completely reimagined into a vibrant rolling canvas.

Although the HYPER POP concept was initiated in 2018, the Covid-19 pandemic caused delays in fully executing the ambitious project. Finally in 2022, the project kicked off in earnest. Then in summer 2023, after a year of creative development, the iconic wrapped Ford GT was unveiled to gasps of amazement, now ready to take Lhouette's artistry from static canvas to dynamic automotive exhibition.

To accompany the fully artwork-wrapped Ford GT, Lhouette embarked on the creation of four complex original works in his studio to form the HYPER POP collection. Three of these pieces were inspired by the vehicle itself, showcasing intricate aerial views as well as detailed representations of each side. In addition to these vehicle-centric artworks, a standalone composition was crafted to more directly address the overarching goal of the project: raising awareness of mental health. By combining his passion for automotive design with a meaningful message, Lhouette's collection of artworks served not only as visually stunning pieces but also as powerful symbols advocating for mental health awareness.

Embodying his signature Pop Maximalist style: A Side Of Me, Another Side Of Me, In Pieces (Ford GT), and Headspace incorporate his classic techniques hand-painted wooden "canvases" in unconventional shapes, eclectic collage with pop culture references, ornate hand-painted frames with striped borders, and geometric patterns. The originals showcase Lhouette's mastery of materials, with elements such as integrated glass panels and spray-painted stencils. Headspace spotlights his iconic half-framed style with uneven hand-painted wooden frames that add visual dynamism. For Lhouette, the frame becomes part of the artwork itself. Each piece pushes boundaries, blending urban edge with opulent details in the artist's unmistakable aesthetic.

The collection also includes the limited edition In Pieces (Ford GT) print. This striking image is created using Lhouette's iconic technique - the print is literally ripped up into pieces, then meticulously reassembled with some of the raw torn edges made visible over the artwork. This lends each print a uniquely original look.

The four original artworks were auctioned at the momentous Bonhams Pop X Culture event in October 2023 (more on that later). Please scroll to explore all the remarkable art spawned from this fruitful collaboration.

A Side Of Me


Another Side Of Me


In Pieces (Ford GT)





Legacy Edition

Goodwood Festival Of Speed

In July 2023, the legendary Ford GT wrapped in Lhouette's bold HYPER POP artwork made its highly anticipated public debut at the world-famous Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, UK. For four thrilling days, over 200,000 passionate motorsport enthusiasts flooded the grounds of the Goodwood House estate for one of the most prestigious events on the automotive calendar.

Lhouette himself attended alongside automotive personality Shmee150 and the team from Wyecliffe Galleries to unveil this unique collaboration. The one-of-a-kind art car took centre stage prominently displayed in the pavilion hosted by auction powerhouse Bonhams. In just a few months, Bonhams would be auctioning off the original HYPER POP works at their Pop X Culture event in October.

Surrounded by some of the most remarkable racing machines and supercars ever conceived, the wrapped Ford GT truly stood out as a never-before-seen fusion of boundary-pushing art and automotive excellence. While not competing on the famous Goodwood hill climb course itself, the static exhibit provided a stunning up-close look at Lhouette's mesmerizing artwork enveloping the iconic GT.

Crowds gathered with phones and cameras ready to capture every vivid detail. The eye-catching art car dominated social media posts and coverage of the festival, generating major buzz. For many attendees, this was their first glimpse of the HYPER POP revolution, and they were left awe-struck at this collaboration that pushed the boundaries of creativity and design.


Supercar Owners Circle

The Ford GT's artistic journey reached extraordinary new heights at the 2023 Supercar Owners Circle (SOC) summit in sun-drenched Andalusia. For Wyecliffe Galleries, this ultra-exclusive multi-day retreat was a feast for the senses - one that affirmed our identity as the destination for boundary-pushing contemporary art.

As Lhouette and our team touched down in Spain, we felt the excitement electrify the air. The winding roads through olive groves and vineyards set the stage. At the famous Circuito Ascari racetrack, the wrapped Ford GT mingled with Pagani Huayras, Koenigseggs, and other titans of engineering. Against the breathtaking backdrop of rural Spain, the GT's audacious artwork left crowds mesmerized.

We posed the car at the iconic Alcazaba Palace in Malaga, the sea sparkling below. In Ronda, the wrap's fiery colours contrasted beautifully against whitewashed buildings and graceful Andalusian horses. For scenic photoshoots, the GT drew gasps against mountains, castles, and glittering coastal vistas. This was HYPER POP coming alive.

The week culminated in an exclusive gala dinner during which Lhouette and Tim Burton took to the stage as guests of honour; discussing the project to date with all guests of SOC captivated by the live discussion. Seeing the Ford GT as a rolling canvas, doused in the Spanish sunset, left the discerning SOC members awestruck. That night, we knew HYPER POP had ascended into a cultural phenomenon.

Being part of this gathering was a dream - not just to showcase our project, but to fully immerse collectors in our passion. As the SOC members boarded planes home, we felt this was only the beginning. The journey continues, but Spain's sunshine will always shine bright in HYPER POP's legacy.

Bonhams Pop X Culture Auction

In October 2023, the trailblazing HYPER POP collaboration reached its pinnacle celebration at the legendary Pop X Culture auction hosted by Bonhams in London. This long-awaited event served as the finale of the Ford GT's artistic journey before being unwrapped.

The four original HYPER POP works by Lhouette took centre stage at the auction, spotlighting the boundary-pushing creativity that defined the project. Titled A Side of Me, Another Side of Me, In Pieces (Ford GT), and Headspace, these one-of-a-kind pieces exemplified Lhouette's signature style.

For collectors around the world, this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own seminal art born from the union of imagination and automotive excellence. Bidding was fierce for these originals that encapsulated a cultural phenomenon.

The auction became a red-carpet event drawing enthusiastic crowds queuing outside Bonhams' space on New Bond Street. Inside, guests were treated to an exclusive talk between Lhouette and CEO of CALM Simon Gunning, celebrating the project's inspirational journey.

Raising headline figures over tens of thousands and 50% of the proceeds going to mental health charity CALM, the auction enabled attendees to acquire exceptional art while supporting an important cause. Extensive press coverage solidified the auction as a watershed moment for HYPER POP.


Unwrapping the Ford GT

The iconic Ford GT wrapped in Lhouette's mesmerizing HYPER POP artwork was finally unwrapped at the Shmee150 Museum, returning it to its original state. Lhouette and the team from Wyecliffe Galleries were onsite for this climactic reveal moment, which took several hours to carefully remove the vinyl wrap.

The energy was electric as the wrap was peeled away section by section, sparking creativity about what could be done with the decommissioned vinyl. Both Lhouette and Wyecliffe saw this as the exciting next step in the HYPER POP journey.

The original wrap has been meticulously preserved, though plans for it are being kept mysterious for now. Those eager to follow this groundbreaking collaboration should subscribe to Wyecliffe's updates to catch the forthcoming news.

For now, the iconic Ford GT heads back to its owner Shmee150 free of wrapping, while the HYPER POP legacy lives on through Lhouette's mesmerizing artwork and the partnerships formed between art and automotive worlds.

Where Next

The groundbreaking HYPER POP collaboration has ignited imaginations worldwide, but the journey is far from over. Lhouette is already conceptualizing new ways to push the boundaries of art and automotive design in audacious new directions.

While plans are still taking shape, one thing is certain - HYPER POP's revolutionary impact will continue. The most dedicated followers of this artistic phenomenon can ensure they are the first to learn what is on the horizon by signing up for Wyecliffe's email newsletter and following our social media channels.

The collaborators are energized by the potential to stretch even further into uncharted creative territory. Subscribe today for exclusive insights and the chance to participate in the next thrilling phase of HYPER POP's evolution.

This project has already redefined the convergence of imagination and technology. With some of the brightest minds in art and design at the helm, the future promises to be even more mesmerizing. Join the community today to get a glimpse behind the scenes and become part of the inner circle when exciting announcements are made.