Nascent - Original

• Artist: Robin Eckardt
• Medium: Original Mixed media with resin on Box Canvas 
• Size: 90.5 x 190.5 / 35.62" x 75"
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A true artist with a hugely influential style, Robin is firmly established in a studio space that caters for the scope and energy of her artistic vision, which encompasses a combination of both traditional and contemporary methods, coming together to create the most unique of pieces.


Resin is increasingly popular as a method of glazing and sealing artworks because of its adaptable nature and ability to achieve high-gloss full transparency. However, as an early adopter, Robin became fascinated by the medium’s potential to achieve varying levels of opacity and – when treated in different ways – exciting finishes of varying texture, particularly with ‘Nascent’.


When out of the studio, Robin gains inspiration walking the forests of her local Chiltern hills. It’s a hobby that’s reflected in her premier subject – the mysterious, tangled networks of tree branch silhouettes that run like jet-black seams through her canvases. Sometimes they are covered in a multitude of cherry blossoms, at other times accompanied by sparse flashes of golden autumn leaves: at others, eerie will-o-wisps.


This passion for exploration also manifests itself in her other trademark genres: her bracing, powerfully kinetic sailing works and her classic cityscapes. Of course, one subject that she is universally sought-after is the pure abstract. Installed into some of the world’s most exciting properties, Robin’s abstract works are beautiful pieces of interior decoration.