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Steve Lovatt Sculptures... 'Twisted' Fun!

We've been charmed silly ever since Steve Lovatt's 'Twisted' collection arrived at our Weybridge gallery. These (life-size!) 'balloon' dogs are irresistibly tactile - their solidarity and satisfying weight endlessly fascinating: we've been conditioned over innumerable childhood birthday parties to perceive balloon animals as lightweight and fragile...

In order to better demonstrate the sculptures' 3D physicality, we decided to give 'Pom Pom' here a video-shoot, in all his glossy, reflective glory!

Lovatt is an artist and sculptor who worked over several years producing pieces in a variety of materials. He has experimented and created work in everything from bronze, wood, glass, fibreglass, steel, ceramic, porcelain and resin, and also combined all these materials into multi-media creations. He feels that this flexibility across varying mediums is crucial to his artistic output, “I am not constrained by any material -I explore the potential of all media to allow my work to evolve.”

To meet Pom Pom's friends - and for more information - check out our full collection here.