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'The Luck Maker' by Lhouette

  • 2 min read

The Luck Maker Collection

Released from the maximalist pop artist Lhouette is the 'Luck Maker' collection, a ground-breaking collection of works, foretold to be different from anything done before.

A very different, and very limited mixed media edition was foretold! The new 'Luck Maker' collection explores themes around life & death, luck & fortune, mysticism & cynicism. Continuing on with Lhouette's maximalist pop art aesthetics, workshop behaviours & buzz for all things new and experimental, this next installation of works takes his studio-worked editions to a whole new level.

"The Luck Maker has been in the pipeline for a while. It is a continuation from the Pop De-Pendants and the Hunter x Gatherer, which were sort of based on pendants and charms, whereas this one has a very sort of locket-like feel to it with the opening to a secondary piece."

"It has all these little references to luck-making elements, the horseshoe, the four-leaf Clover, the elephants, and other things that suggest the idea that this is a kind of charm or amulet."

"...the secondary, internal piece, looks at these little windows. We've got elements, in very ambiguous kind of ways, that references to fortune, destiny love, luck, death. This is a love-letter of sorts to those big questions we have in life and society."

"Inspiration around this piece draws from my love of all things retro & the vintage circus stylings, especially in the centerpiece...it's almost got a gypsy caravan kind of feel to it with the fabric floral, resin panels, these windows on the sides and this kind of psychic portrait this in the center."

"The construction and the mechanics of the piece have put the studio through its paces. We're continuing to showcase our excitement and passion to create and introduce exciting new formats into the world. I don't think I've seen anything like this before, in terms of like our industry, so it’s really exciting to put it out to the world."

"...when I was a little boy, I had this gypsy knock on my door and just go straight into telling me my future...she told me five things and all of them have pretty much come true, I don't know if that's self-actualisation or what but it was very strange."

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Peter Drucker