Alex Echo

Alex Echo has fast become one of the most successful abstract artists in our portfolio.

"As an artist I try to keep learning, challenging myself, reflecting on arts history and always looking forward. Seeking always to create something original and unique is one of the reasons I believe my work can be found in the collections of people as varied as HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr., Cindy Crawford, President Jimmy Carter, and the 75 year old widow on the farm next to mine, and many more. My work both small and very large scale can be found in corporate and private collections around the world."

Alex Echo Starship Trooper - Original €2.897,95 EUR
Alex Echo Drops Of Jupiter 12 - Original €2.607,95 EUR
Alex Echo Rainbow 13 - Original €2.196,95 EUR
Alex Echo Love This Time of Year - Original €5.209,95 EUR
Alex Echo Fire - Original €11.009,95 EUR
Alex Echo Waterlilies I - Original €1.912,95 EUR
Alex Echo Untitled - Original €3.470,95 EUR
Alex Echo Turner - Original - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Drops Of Jupiter 7 - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Physis Sculpture - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Back to Spring 1 - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Back to Spring 2 - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Back to Spring III - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Elemental Source - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Gentle Sky - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Springtime II - SOLD Sold
Alex Echo Tranquillity- SOLD OUT Sold
Alex Echo Velocity I - SOLD Sold