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Chris Chapman

Artist Chris Chapman encourages painting fine art. A rare selection of his original acrylic on board paintings are showcased at Wyecliffe Galleries.

Chris Chapman has been a successful illustrator since graduating from Leicester College of Art, England in 1979, where he studied graphic design. After moving to London during the early years of his career, he now lives and works in Bournemouth, Dorset.

He currently produces paintings exclusively for the fine art market. His work is humorous and he enjoys creating the visual joke as much as executing the final painting. Chris Chapman's paintings have been exhibited widely in numerous galleries including the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Chris Chapman The Workers - Edition €571,95
Chris Chapman Pranksy - Two Hearts - Edition €571,95
Chris Chapman Walking Home - Limited Edition €571,95
Chris Chapman Bottled Inspiration - Edition €571,95
Chris Chapman Salvador Doolali - MELT - Edition €571,95
Chris Chapman Baark! - Edition €571,95
Chris Chapman Your Majesty - Edition €551,95
Chris Chapman Borderline Collie - Edition €551,95
Chris Chapman In The Park - Edition €640,95
Chris Chapman Fruit Face - Edition €551,95
Chris Chapman Pram Dog - Last Edition Remaining €551,95
Chris Chapman Zebra Dog - Edition €670,95
Chris Chapman Petal Bomb - Last Edition Remaining €690,95
Chris Chapman Feathers and Fries - Edition €551,95