The Mono/Sepia Collection

The Mono/Sepia Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries includes artworks with a black and white colour scheme, using mediums from ink, chalk to the darker tones of acrylic paints, this expanding Collection adds both authority or elegance to a collectors home, depending on the style of the artist. Creators from the Mono/Sepia Collection include Laura Beck, Simon Claridge, Leanne Christie, Sophie Oliver and Robin Eckardt's blossom-inspired paintings. Available in mediums such as originals, editions and prints for sale. 

Mr Malcontent Welcome to the Ritz - Original €2.340,95 EUR
Laura Beck The Eleventh Hour - Original €1.194,95 EUR
Laura Beck Obsession - Original €1.314,95 EUR
Sophie Oliver The Forest Keeper - Original €4.501,95 EUR
Laura Beck The Best of You II - Original €1.074,95 EUR
Paul Kenton Piccadilly Transports - Original €5.941,95 EUR
Leanne Christie Golden Beauty - Original €2.820,95 EUR
Laura Beck Through The Looking Glass I - Original €1.194,95 EUR
Sophie Oliver In Thought - Original €3.594,95 EUR
Simon Claridge Lennon & McCartney - Edition €1.134,95 EUR
Simon Claridge Muhammad Ali - The Greatest - Edition €1.194,95 EUR
Craig Davison Haul Away Boys! - Original €1.794,95 EUR
Craig Davison Reach for the Sky - Original €2.034,95 EUR
Zena Holloway Angel 2 - Edition from €1.194,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Learning to Fly - Rare Remarque Edition €534,95 EUR
Edward Weston Collection Driftwood, Tobay Beach, 1949 - Edition €768,95 EUR
Edward Weston Collection Phone Call, North Hollywood, 1962 - Edition €768,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Little Tree Spirit - Standard Edition €414,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Learning to Fly - Standard Edition €414,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington East of the Sun - Standard Edition €414,95 EUR
Eve Arnold In The Frame - The Misfits, 1960 €780,95 EUR
Laura Beck Impulse - Original €1.314,95 EUR
Laura Beck Passion - Original €1.314,95 EUR
Vichit Nongnual Deep in Thought- Original €4.195,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Waiting for the Night Bus - Boutique Edition €1.074,95 EUR
Christine Comyn Portrait In Sepia - Limited Edition €414,95 EUR
Christine Comyn Midwinter - Limited Edition €414,95 EUR
Simon Wright Autumn Light - Original €1.110,95 EUR
Wendy Satchwell The Dark Knight - Original - SOLD Sold
Laura Beck Dreaming - Original €1.314,95 EUR
Laura Beck Gold Dust - Original €1.314,95 EUR
Laura Beck Silver Streams - Original €894,95 EUR
Simon Wright Big Ben Chimes - Original €1.110,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Astral Storylines - Boutique Edition €834,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Astral Storylines - Published Original €13.797,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Becoming Nobody - Boutique Edition €834,95 EUR
Becky Smith Galactic Flux - Original €2.394,95 EUR
Simon Wright Autumn in the Capital - Original €954,95 EUR
David Renshaw Magic in the Moonlight - Edition €1.194,95 EUR
Becky Smith A Full Moon - Original €1.314,95 EUR
Mr Malcontent I Like to Party - Original €2.340,95 EUR