Rozanne Bell - Sailing

The Sailing Collection by artist Rozanne Bell is a body of artworks that has forged a strong connection between home country, Zimbabwe, and current home, England, because of both country's intense drive for sailing - A sport popular in both nations, Bell wanted to communicate the sport's significance in both countries, through her original artwork. Paintings in the Sailing Collection include 'Wild Waters', 'Late Night Racing', 'Stormy Waves', 'A Day on the Yacht', 'Rainbow Skies' and 'Rough Waters' all for sale in Rozanne Bell's unique original artwork format. 

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Size (Diagonal Outer)



Rozanne Bell Coastal Views - Original €450,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell Coastal Adventure - Original €450,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell Coastal Bliss - Original €450,95 EUR