Kerry Darlington Portraits Collection

Kerry Darlington's Portrait Collection includes detailed studies of beautiful muses born of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the mythology of guardian angels, nymphs and goddesses alike. Original paintings and limited editions such as The Swan Princess, One Thousand Paper Cranes, Cosmic Angel, and Gentle Stillness and have attracted a new generation of collectors to follow this classic artistic genre with wonder. Kerry Darlington explores the dynamic between female beauty and nature by placing life-givers and nurturers at the heart of each composition. First unveiled exclusively by Wyecliffe Galleries in 2017, her earliest portraits were painted upon pure wood board with grain and knot left beautifully exposed. Creating evocative heroines entwined with allegory, Kerry Darlington's portrait series is one of her most celebrated, as well as one of her most intriguing. 

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Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Young Odette - Edition Dhs. 4,558.00 AED

Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Keeper of Dreams - Edition Dhs. 3,871.00 AED