Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Craig Davison

Drawing up inspiration from The Shoe People, and Huxley Pig, Craig Davison recreates originals and rare editions for sale.

 Born in 1965 in Sheffield Craig has drawn for as long as he can remember. Art was always his favourite subject at school, but once he left he took it no further. In the late 80’s he got a job as a cartoonist, working on pre-school comics. He drew comic strips of a variety of well-known characters including The Shoe People, The Wombles, Huxley Pig and Bangers and Mash. Drawing every day improved his skills and after a few years he moved on to work at a computer games company as an animator and games designer. During this period He worked on a wide portfolio of games, including Zorro, The Hulk and The Hurricanes, as well as the game concept and characters for Johnny Bazookatone. It was here that he also began sculpting reference figures for 3D animation and then onto become a freelance sculptor, sculpting anything from dragons to teddies for ranges such as Me To You, Enchantica, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

Craig began to paint full time after being involved in a competition run by a well-known art publisher in a bid to find artist Alexander Miller an apprentice. He had always wanted to try his hand at painting and here was the perfect excuse. He came third in the competition but it inspired him to take up painting full time. He began to paint seriously from that point on and local galleries started to take his work on.

Craig draws his inspiration from everything and anything. Everywhere he looks images and ideas are lining up to be used. He stockpile these inside his head where they fight to be used. Once he starts one painting, he’s already planning the next. Although obvious the inspiration is his childhood! He tries to capture the endless summer holidays spent out on his bike with friends, rescuing Mexican villages from bandits.