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Scott Tetlow

A stunning combination of calligraphy and illustration

We are delighted to welcome Scott Tetlow to our diverse portfolio at Wyecliffe. Tetlow learned his love for art throughout his childhood and early teenage years, spurring him on to achieve a first class degree in Fine Art at University. The artist discovered a passion for calligraphy and illustration early on in his artistic career which he uniquely combines to create his incredible artworks.

Scott Tetlow The No Evils - Miniature Edition €457,95
Scott Tetlow DJ Man Cub - Miniature Edition €457,95
Scott Tetlow Alas - Edition from €498,95
Scott Tetlow A Way Of Life - Edition from €498,95
Scott Tetlow Have A Nice Day - Edition from €498,95
Scott Tetlow Jungle Dreams - Edition from €498,95
Scott Tetlow Jungle Dreams - Original €2.890,95
Scott Tetlow Chimps and Gravy - Edition €689,95
Scott Tetlow Swingin' In The Rain - Edition €689,95
Scott Tetlow Space Hop - Edition €689,95
Scott Tetlow Puzzled - Edition €689,95