Classic Folklore

Classic Folklore Collection

The Classic Folklore Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries showcases classic, childhood stories (Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White & Rose Red) that express messages through the art of storytelling. Artist, Kerry Darlington, is renowned for revealing messages/details using mixed mediums like 3D elements thereby making her artwork both informative and aesthetic. Available in mediums such as originals, editions and prints.

Kerry Darlington The Snow Queen - Edition €1.521,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Beauty and the Beast - Original Sketch €8.281,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Edition €1.533,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Little Red Riding Hood - Edition €4.729,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington East of the Sun - Standard Edition €408,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Keeper of Dreams - Edition €1.000,95 EUR