Valentine's 2022 Collection

A picture is said to be worth more than a thousand words meaning that art is the love letter that need not be written.  Communicating feelings of love, friendship and commitment in every language, let the special person in your life know how much you care this with a gift that will last a lifetime. We have curated our top Gift Recommendations just in time for Valentine's Day; select from a collection of exclusive originals and editions, many of which have been commissioned by our team especially for our clients. 

Kerry Darlington Sweet Heart - Edition €708,95 EUR
David Renshaw Our Love Flies High - Edition €827,95 EUR
Chris DeRubeis White Wine - Original Sold
Rozanne Bell Always Together - Original €1.185,95 EUR
Chris DeRubeis I Love Wine - Original €2.376,95 EUR
David Goode Comfort Food - Bronze Sculpture Miniature €2.322,95 EUR
David Renshaw Our First Date - Edition €649,95 EUR
Amy Louise Elephants Never Forget - Original €1.125,95 EUR
Henri Miller Sunset, Sunrise - Edition €589,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Elixir of Love - Edition €946,95 EUR
Amy Louise All You Need is Love - Limited Edition €589,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell Family of Flamingos - Original €1.185,95 EUR
Henri Miller 'J'aime Le Champagne' - Matching Edition SET €1.768,95 EUR
Becky Smith Heart of the Galaxy - Original €589,95 EUR
Amanda Jones Cherish - Original €708,95 EUR
Andrei Protsouk Prelude To The Night - Original Sold
Michael Olsen Pastel Riot - Original €3.567,95 EUR
Henri Miller A Night to Remember - Edition €589,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell Unconditional Love - Original €863,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington A Heart Full Of Love - Edition Sold
Kerry Darlington Cosmic Angel - Edition €946,95 EUR
Amy Louise Together Forever - Edition €577,95 EUR
David Renshaw Lakeside Dreaming - Edition €470,95 EUR
Becky Smith Galaxy Love - Original €946,95 EUR
Henri Miller Black Diamond - Edition €589,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington A Paper Moon - Edition €887,95 EUR
Michelle Smith Heart of the Ocean - Original €1.185,95 EUR
Amy Louise Love Sight - Original Sold
Becky Smith Butterflies in Bloom - Edition from €470,95 EUR
David Renshaw Making Our Own Path - Edition €649,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Heart of Gold - Boutique Edition €1.185,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Kirjava - Boutique Edition €946,95 EUR
Becky Smith Love Birds - Published Original €1.304,95 EUR
David Renshaw Beneath the Northern Lights - Edition €672,95 EUR
Paola Cassais Love is In The Air - Original €1.875,95 EUR
Michael Olsen Electric Blue - Original - SOLD Sold
Leanne Christie Indigo Skies - Original €2.322,95 EUR
Jean Picton I Have a Feeling - Original €750,95 EUR
Brenda Herd Dreaming - Original - SOLD Sold
David Renshaw The Road to Adventure - Edition €649,95 EUR
Amy Louise Love Is All You Need - Original €1.125,95 EUR
Leanne Christie The Love of My Life - Original €2.739,95 EUR
Michelle Smith L.O.V.E - Original €1.423,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell A Poppy For Everyone - Original €452,95 EUR
Laura Beck Infusion - Original €1.304,95 EUR
Tristan Hibberd Fold Pink 37 - Original €1.006,95 EUR
Richard King Starlight - Original €1.065,95 EUR