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Trending Art Curated by You

Presenting an exclusive edit of the hottest artworks from the last 7 days, we have assembled the ultimate collector’s edit of the pieces you have told us you love. From the astronomical abstracts from Craig Foord to Alice in Wonderland as imagined by Kerry Darlington our Trending Art collection showcases our art, curated by you.

Craig Foord Prism - Original - SOLD Sold
Craig Foord Drifting - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell A Waddle - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Kyle - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Kali - Original -SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Billie - Original - SOLD Sold
Gary McNamara Goddess - Original - SOLD Sold
Kerry Darlington Victoria and Albert Olde Tea Shoppe - Original €2.243,95 EUR
Gary McNamara Enchanting - Original - SOLD Sold
Lhouette Voyager - Boutique Edition €2.131,95 EUR