Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Zalini Art

Innovative 3D Scribble Technique

Wild and Domestic: Playful Portraits of the Animal Kingdom

Zalini, an innovative British artist, brings a fresh approach to contemporary art with his unique 3D 'scribble' technique. Developed over six years, this method uses a syringe dispenser to create intricate, textured artworks that captivate viewers. Zalini's pieces, primarily featuring whimsical animal portraits in human attire, are a testament to his creativity and passion.

Bright colours pop against deep black backgrounds, all presented in sleek frames that make each piece truly stand out. Explore Zalini's collection at Wyecliffe Galleries and discover art that's as innovative as it is beautiful, perfect for collectors seeking distinctive British art.

Zalini's journey in the art world spans over 25 years, with the last nine dedicated to professional artistry. His creative evolution has seen him work with various styles and techniques, from holographic metal art to 3D nature-inspired organic abstracts. The name 'Zalini' itself is a personal touch, combining the names of his three children who, along with his wife, have been integral to his artistic journey.

The development of Zalini's signature scribble technique was born from a desire to create something truly unique in the art world. Over six years, he perfected this method using a syringe dispenser typically found in commercial manufacturing. The process involves painting very fine 3D lines on a flat surface, allowing gravity to assist in creating free-flowing lines that coalesce into stunning, textured pieces.

Zalini's distinctive style adds an element of dynamism and complexity to each artwork, capturing the energy and vitality of his subjects. Bright colours pop against deep black, high-gloss backgrounds, all presented in sleek black woodgrain frames that make each piece a true showstopper in any environment.

Previously represented by two of the UK's largest fine art publishers, Zalini now works independently, collaborating closely with select art galleries across the UK, including Wyecliffe Galleries. This allows art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to acquire pieces directly from this innovative British artist's collection.

Explore Zalini's captivating 3D scribble art at Wyecliffe Galleries and experience a fresh perspective in modern British art. Each piece offers a chance to own a truly distinctive artwork that captivates and delights, bringing the magic of artistic innovation into your space.

Zalini Max - Original £1,495 GBP