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  • I live in Scotland, never visited the gallery. I did a lot of research online to get Art for my home.
    The staff are fantastic, so helpful and kind. You can honestly trust them.
    Hope to visit on day soon. ❤️

    From a Kerry Darlington Collector
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  • This is the third painting I have purchased through Wycliffe Galleries. The service is Fantastic and they are very helpful and look forward to visiting the gallery in person at some point. I can’t praise them enough.

    From a David Renshaw Collector
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  • Drove down to the gallery specifically to view this piece. The gallery was nicely laid out, spacious, and the space set aside to view the work was ideal, with good lighting. We spent several hours considering the piece, as well as several others. The staff were amazing, both giving enough space to consider things, and also helping us work through our thoughts, and teaching us about the artist and collecting artwork. We left very happy. Would highly recommend a visit to others.

    From a Lhouette Collector
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