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Urban & Pop Art

Bold & Unconventional

The Urban Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries entices the pop-art movement with artists utilising different methods and mediums for their creations. This includes, Lhouette's mixed media on bespoke wood panelling and Alex Echo's mixed media painted resin sculpture pieces. Contemporary artists from this portfolio include the Lhouette, Alex Echo, Gareth Tristan Evans, Robin Coleman and Simon Wright's traditional, animal paintings.

Jeremy Olsen Greyhound II - Original Sculpture $1,301
Jeremy Olsen Piggy - Original Sculpture $2,856
Henri Miller Sweetest Time - Original POA
Chris Chapman Baark! - Edition $716
Scott Tetlow DJ Man Cub - Miniature Edition $492
Jeremy Olsen Greyhound I - Original Sculpture $1,301
Lhouette The Luck Maker - Edition $2,800
Chris Chapman Borderline Collie - Edition $691
Jeremy Olsen Dachshund - Original Sculpture $2,358
Jeremy Olsen Large Hare - Original Sculpture $2,980
Jeremy Olsen Giant Hare - Original Sculpture $9,325
Lhouette Hunter - Original POA
Sannib Love Soup - Original $3,422
Scott Tetlow 70 Years of Service - Edition $741
Mr Malcontent Panda Means Business - Original $2,426
Mr Malcontent Some Like It Hot - Original $2,426
Mr Malcontent Evolution - Original $2,426
Mr Malcontent Spread Love Not Hate - Original $2,426
Mr Malcontent I've Told You Once - Original $2,426
Mr Malcontent Ratty - Original $2,426