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Heroes and Villains

Featuring some of the most renowned characters from comic books and film franchises alike, we profile some of the most daring artists to portray iconic superheroes and famous villains. Including officially authorised and hand signed-editions from the original founder of the Marvel-verse Stan Lee, alongside Alex Ross’s visions of DC’s Batman and Superman, take your pick of the world’s greatest superheroes with our exclusive collection.

Nigel Humphries Clown Prince Of Crime - Edition £195 GBP
Nigel Humphries Rhino On The Loose - Edition £250 GBP
Nigel Humphries Cat Fight - Edition £250 GBP
Nigel Humphries Suit Up - Edition £295 GBP
Stan Lee Wolverine #23 - 2017 - Edition from £1,650 GBP
Nigel Humphries Hi Puddin - Edition £295 GBP
Nigel Humphries Warrior Princess - Edition £295 GBP
Nigel Humphries Man of Steel - Edition £295 GBP
Nigel Humphries Don't Make Me Angry - Edition £295 GBP
Stan Lee X-Men #87 - The Fateful Finale! £2,950 GBP
Stan Lee The Incredible Hulk #461 £2,950 GBP
Stan Lee Wolverine #17 - Edition from £1,500 GBP