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Alex Ross

Widely considered to be one of the most well-respected comic book artists of it's history; with more than 1,000 pages and covers to his name.

This new collection comprises six pieces that portray two of the most recognisable superheroes as you’ve never seen them before. Superman and Batman by Ross are at once a fitting tribute to iconic characters that many of us have grown-up with as well as a brand new, refreshing and invigorating take on two men, who happen to be superheroes.

One might have seen Superman or Batman a hundred times, but one does not really know these characters until seeing them illustrated by Alex Ross. Ross’s inimitable style, his expert use of light and shadow, the dramatic composition and command of figural motion all make art by Alex Ross some of the most sought after across the comic book and fine art fields.

Alex Ross Superman Forever - Edition - SOLD from Sold