Christmas Gifting

Leading the pack as the perfect choice of gift to show the special people in your life just how much you care, a beautiful piece of art is a lasting token of your affection.  With a wealth of choice for every budget, we have hand-selected an outstanding series of original paintings, boutique limited editions and sculptures to help inspire you this Christmas, priced from just £165.

Kerry Darlington Sweet Heart - Edition €707,95 EUR
David Renshaw A Touch of Magic - Edition €1.040,95 EUR
Michael Summers Fab Friends - Edition from €523,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Midnight Gold- Edition €772,95 EUR
Simon Wright Blossoms in London - Original €766,95 EUR
Michael Summers Rain or Shine - Edition from €707,95 EUR
Becky Smith Butterflies in Bloom - Edition from €469,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Little Tree of Enchantment - Edition €891,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Silver Bloom Mini - Original €196,95 EUR
David Renshaw To the Moon and Back - Edition €1.063,95 EUR
Mary Johnston As Cold As Blue - Original €2.133,95 EUR
David Renshaw Beneath the Northern Lights - Edition €671,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Flight Over St Pauls - Edition €505,95 EUR
Amy Louise All You Need is Love - Limited Edition €588,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Sleeping Beauty - Rare Edition €2.133,95 EUR
Michelle Smith L.O.V.E - Original €1.420,95 EUR
David Renshaw Love Lifts Us Up - Edition €505,95 EUR
Amy Louise Love Is All You Need - Original €1.123,95 EUR
Brenda Herd Silver Song - Boutique Edition €707,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Messengers - Edition €945,95 EUR
Nigel Humphries Cat Fight - Edition €297,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Cosmic Angel - Edition €945,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Angel's Matching SET - Boutique Editions €2.246,95 EUR
David Renshaw I'll Always Wait For You - Edition €742,95 EUR
David Goode Caught in the Act - Bronze Sculpture €1.652,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Tree of Light - Edition €945,95 EUR
Henri Miller Nuit de Juin - Edition €588,95 EUR
Chris Chapman Double Shredder - Edition €659,95 EUR
Becky Smith Elegance - Original €1.301,95 EUR
Henri Miller Soirée Romantique - Edition €588,95 EUR
Allan Morgan Red Fields - Original €505,95 EUR
Henri Miller Maisons de Champagne - Matching Edition SET €1.765,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Kirjava - Boutique Edition €945,95 EUR
Richard King Starlight - Original €1.063,95 EUR
David Goode Sax Player - Bronze Sculpture €1.652,95 EUR
Henri Miller Rendez-Vous - Edition €588,95 EUR
Allan Morgan Tranquil Fields - Original €505,95 EUR
Nigel Humphries Warrior Princess - Edition €231,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Purple Skies - Original €469,95 EUR
David Renshaw The Road to Adventure - Edition €647,95 EUR
Richard King I Have a Dream - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Mary Johnston A Violet Haze - Original €469,95 EUR
Allan Morgan Fields Full of Life - Original €505,95 EUR