Winter Wonderland

Climb through the wardrobe into Narnia and to the peaks of snow-capped mountains in sensational works that harness the beauty and magic of the coldest season. Our exclusive Winter Wonderland collection curates the most desirable original paintings and rare editions inspired by the chill of wintertime. Whether you are treating yourself or your loved one this festive season, art is the ideal way to create a warm and cosy home that will last this winter, and for many years to come.

Kerry Darlington Journey to the Ice Palace - Edition €1.063,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Unfading - Original €3.440,95 EUR
Richard King Sky High, Climbers on Mont Blanc - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Winters Tapestry - 2018 Boutique Edition €2.133,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Snow Queen - Edition €1.527,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Edition €1.539,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell Ronnie - Original €861,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Winters Haze - Original €5.104,95 EUR
Patrice Erickson Evening Cove - Original €410,95 EUR
Brenda Herd A Winter Walk - Original €1.426,95 EUR
Mary Johnston A Breezy Walk - Original €2.727,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Until the Wind Changes - Edition €1.420,95 EUR
Richard King In Too Deep - Original €891,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Ice Cold - Original €469,95 EUR
Richard King Night Fever - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Richard King Night Owl - Original SOLD Sold
Mary Johnston As Cold As Blue - Original €2.133,95 EUR
Patrice Erickson Twilight Mist - Original €2.810,95 EUR
Brenda Herd Watching the Rain - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Richard King Give a Little Bit - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Richard King I Have a Dream - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Richard King Better Off Alone - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Mary Johnston A Violet Haze - Original €469,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Cool Colours - Original €826,95 EUR
David Renshaw Beneath the Northern Lights - Edition €671,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Owlets Hollow - Edition €944,95 EUR
Becky Smith A View of the Stars - Original €469,95 EUR
Becky Smith Aurora Borealis - Original €2.608,95 EUR
Veronika Benoni Paved in Silver - Original €1.842,95 EUR
Harry Brioche Between The Showers - Original €950,95 EUR
Harry Brioche Valley Mist - Original €1.426,95 EUR
Paola Cassais Snowfall - Original €849,95 EUR
Paola Cassais Fun in the Snow - Original €1.871,95 EUR
Leanne Christie Indigo Skies - Original €2.317,95 EUR
Brenda Herd Swell - Original €1.723,95 EUR
Hamish Herd Through the Valley - Original €1.141,95 EUR
Alison Johnson A Little Bit of Love - Original €1.188,95 EUR
Richard King Strange Magic - Original €891,95 EUR
Richard King In the Clear - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Gift for the Dreamers - Boutique Edition €2.727,95 EUR
Richard King Celestial Rainbow - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Richard King Purple Rain - Original €2.371,95 EUR
Richard King High Hopes - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Mr Malcontent Curiosity - Original - SOLD Sold
Mr Malcontent Prestige - Original €1.658,95 EUR
Gary McNamara Transcend - Boutique Edition €707,95 EUR
Gary McNamara Stillness - Original €1.842,95 EUR
Beth Nicholas Above The Clouds - Original €1.895,95 EUR
Beth Nicholas Two For Joy - Original €433,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Cosmic Angel - Edition €944,95 EUR