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Artist Sannib is a British contemporary painter living and working in London. Of Syrian-Lebanese descent, the artist graduated in Graphic Design from the Syrian Design Center, spending 18 years in respected advertising and creative agencies in Kuwait, the UAE and London.

The young Sannib adored art and started to paint at the tender age of 10, teaching himself technique through natural instincts and independent research.  Attending his first figurative and abstract painting lessons with the Syrian painter Farid Georges (a graduate of the Academia di Belle Arti di Roma), he studied the genres intensely. Later experimenting with different materials including acrylic paint and continuing his commitment to abstraction, Mard Issa of Gallery Issa became his new mentor.

Applying his background in graphic design and extensive education in history and technique, Sannib has crafted a unique blend of both worlds resulting in a collection of striking contemporary pop portraits. Combining iconic cultural figures with abstract stylings, Sannib applies the typography and brands from his advertising background to impactful effect.

The artist muses about his inspiration, “I find inspiration in bright colours, textures and lights. I discover my colour palette in nature's colour scheme, with a focus on the golden shades of the earth and the blue shades of the sea and sky..”

Having exhibited internationally in global locations including Kuwait, Syria and England, Sannib is a rising star of the contemporary art scene.

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