One of a kind artworks

The Originals Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries features abstract, cityscape, floral and wildlife originals. Original artwork is the most surreal interpretation of the artist's mind and creative process. The Originals Collection includes acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings from Laura Beck, Chris Chapman, Rozanne Bell and newly-created sculptures from artist Craig Foord.
Veronika Benoni City of Gold - Original - SOLD Sold
Kerry Darlington Pantheress - Original - SOLD Sold
Henri Miller Rendez-Vous - Original - SOLD Sold
Faye Nasser Joley Urban Legend - SOLD Sold
Gary McNamara Molten - Original - SOLD Sold
Allan Morgan Wild Waves - Original - SOLD Sold
Gary McNamara Impulse - Original - SOLD Sold
Kerry Darlington Bandrui - Original Sketch - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Morning Call - SOLD Sold
Kerry Darlington Rainbow Meadows - Original - SOLD Sold
Alison Johnson Sky Dreams - Original - SOLD Sold