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Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Over 10 Years of Lhouette & Wyecliffe


Welcome to an exclusive look inside the creative world of Lhouette, born Ciarán Robinson, one of the UK's leading urban pop artists.

At Wyecliffe Galleries, we have had the privilege of accompanying Lhouette on a remarkable 10+ year journey of artistic development, from behind-the-scenes chats in his studio, to collaborations with the renowned Shmee150, to solo exhibitions with him for his collectors in our galleries and studio spaces. Having worked his way into contemporary art royalty, Lhouette has continued to make a name for himself, his work is a perfect mixture of urban art and pop culture, a truly unique style that's been gaining kudos from critics and fans alike.

A Journey Through Creativity

We visited his studio during the birth of many projects throughout his career, such as his most recent headline work, Headspace, where Lhouette delved into the mind's idiosyncrasies. The result is a stunning original artwork of dense details inviting us to examine our own unconsciousness. The Funny Money series, previously named the Hong Kong Dollar, features new works after a many year hiatus. Creating dialogue between Eastern and Western cultural symbols, in which the iconographies merge and diverge in our increasingly globalised world.

Another of his notable series is Luck Maker, his first work that relates to the themes of chance and destiny. With strong graphic compositions, each unique edition in this series is an example of Lhouette's talent for using familiar symbols as a tool for social critique.

During the global pandemic Lhouette created pieces such as Knight Nurse which helped raise over £32,000 for Unicef and was unveiled by Ronan Keating on ITV’s Lorraine Show. Then the original, XL and boutiuque editions of the later released Swarm, being Lhouette's final instalment of the collection of works centred around his observations of the global pandemic. We also interviewed him to glean some insight into his artistic process along with getting some fantastic tips for keeping creative and staying positive while in lockdown.

"Things won't always work out the way you envisioned and so it's important not to be too disheartened...For me dissatisfaction is an essential driving force - the need and want to do something better next time. There are loads of exciting lessons to be learnt from mistakes and accidents when making art, so take it as a given.

- Lhouette

We interviewed Lhouette at his studio during the creation of his Voyager boutique editions, where he speaks about the piece's inspiration, themes and how his iconic 'paste-up' style of editions originated

"...I reallyenjoying seeing these kind offlyered up areas in cities you know advertising Billboardsposters you know layered and layered Flyers on the wallso that's kind of where it stems from..."

- Lhouette

Elevating Lhouette's Artistry

One of the more high-profile art collaborations has been HYPER POP, in which Lhouette teamed up with automotive influencer Shmee150 to wrap his explosive art around his Ford GT, showcasing it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, The Super Car Owners Circle's 2024 event in Marbella, and finishing its journey pride of place at Bonhams Pop X Culture auction, alongside the original artworks created for the project; all to raise money for an amazing charity close to Lhouette's heart, CALM. To learn more about this ongoing project, visit the HYPER POP page. To keep up-to-date with all updates for Lhouette, join his VIP collector list via the signup form at the bottom of this article or the HYPER POP page.

As well as giving our collectors access to artists such as Lhouette through our studio visits and exclusive collaborations. What makes the Wyecliffe Galleries the best place to visit for art lovers is our artist solo exhibitions where we give artistry and talent the recognition they deserve. An example of this is the Carbon Show, which was Lhouette's last solo exhibition. It was indeed a night to remember - both our galleries and studio space were filled to bursting with Lhouette's extraordinary works. We are proud to be the home of Lhouette's pop-maximalist art and will continue to showcase the widest range of his work, both new and archival works.

From art collectors to art enthusiasts, the audience was brought into direct contact with Lhouette's artworks; all were immersed in an electric atmosphere. The Carbon Show was just a single example of something that continues, as we curate artist solo exhibitions for Lhouette so that he can communicate directly with an audience.

At Wyecliffe Galleries, we bring you closer. Closer to the art and closer to the artist. Our comprehensive curated collections and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights make us the premier place to buy Lhouette and discover art that redefines contemporary genres.

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