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Incredible New Work by Alex Echo

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As many of you will know, Alex Echo, one of our bestselling artists, recently displayed a collection of works at his solo exhibition, Alchemy, at Bruton Street in London. The showcase displayed a combination of his wide and deep knowledge of art history, with references to popular culture, iconography, and nature, portrayed within inventive, informative and accessible contemporary art.

During the phenomenally successful show, a silent auction took place on two very special pieces.
The first, a custom made Fender Stratocaster belonging to Eric Clapton, and painted at his request by Alex in 2012. The proceedings raised were donated to the recovery facility The Crossroads Centre in Antigua, founded by Eric Clapton.

The second piece to be auctioned, for the benefit of The Tusk Foundation, was an incredibly special piece, dedicated to Jasmine Isabella, Alex’s daughter. Being deeply concerned by the wellbeing of animals and the environment, it was at Jasmine’s request that ‘View From The Eye of The Rhino’ was the chosen (contribution/presentation/favour). Having a great love and respect for nature, Echo ensures that his work is sustainable by using the highest quality water-based paint and non-toxic resin.



We here at Wycliffe are very fortunate to have been given an instalment, by Alex, from the sensational collections.
This new, stunning original, titled ‘The Secret Life of Champagne IV’, is on display here at the gallery, where we would love for you to pop in and take a look at some of Echo’s exquisite works.
 "The Secret Life of Champagne IV" - Mixed Media - 140cm x 320cm

Created entirely by dragging a pointed, wooden stick through multiple streams of paint, Echo manipulates the palates of colour into extraordinarily intricate and complex patterns, in many layers.


The vibrant harmony between light and colour creates an extraordinarily effervescent energy, while pastel tones give the piece a magnificently refined injection to any one space.



The piece retails at £29,000

"My work transmutes bare and unrefined elements into something of splendour. My work confronts life, and manipulates and evolves to balance its inner disharmonies. On that very day in 2009, my role appeared to me; my role as an alchemist"
- Alex Echo