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New artist Kristian Pajor

We are pleased to welcome a new artist to the gallery. Born in Poland, Krystian Pajor came to Britain in 2013 and at the age of only 21 is fast becoming the phenomenon of the art world!
Quoted as one of the most talented newcomers to the art scene his work is already getting attention in the US and leading UK Galleries and collectors are already ‘on the wish list’ for his future works.

Krystian comes from a talented background where art has been the focus for most of his family members; his grandfather, grand grandmother and one of his biggest inspirations of all, his father who paints daily.

‘I have always been fascinated by art and watched for many hours my grandfather and father painting but never actually tried doing anything seriously until May 2014, it was when my father’s direction of portraits inspired me the most– I became fascinated with the detail and character you could capture with their faces, it became my passion and motivation to become the best portrait painter, spending 12-13 hours a day to enhance my technique. Old Masters works such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens and polish painter Jan Matejko inspire me and whether you believe this or not I had a dream in which Rembrandt told me that I have to paint.
When I took the brush and started creating my subjects on canvas I finally felt like a free person, when I am painting time doesn't matter. Initially I tried landscapes and wild life but painting detailed portraits capturing their feelings, gestures and emotions is inspiring me the most. In my future works I want to create unique effects, to achieve a reaction from people looking at my paintings and am excited about the future, my mentor, my father is my biggest fan and has taught me all the techniques and secrets to create ‘living works of art’ on canvas and I hope too that you enjoy my work as much as I do in creating them’.

Painting has become Krystian’s greatest passion, a perfectionist who has created a form of realism comparable to photography and is happy to take commissions.