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Affordable Art at Wyecliffe Galleries

  • 4 min read

Lucy's pick - Andrew Grant Kurtis

Collection Just Arrived

Our in-gallery photographer Lucy has handpicked the the original textured oil works by Andrew Grant Kurtis as some of her favourite pieces. Depicting international landmarks and particularly drawn to the architecture in London, the artist picks up on the shimmering rays cast onto the city rivers by sun and moon alike. Cataloguing every painting that passes through our gallery doors, Lucy especially loves the richness of colour and abundant use of white and yellow tones to create pure magnificent light.


Prices for original artwork start from £350

Darren's Pick - Mary Johnston

Wyecliffe Exclusive

Smooth wooden box panels are the perfect backdrop for the dreamy layers of acrylic paint; in a combination of luscious abstracts and delicate woodlands named ‘Tangled Trees’ it is unsurprising that Darren has selected the original works of Mary Johnston as his top pick for our affordable edit. With a background in interior design, Darren loves the numerous presentation options with Mary’s work. As standalone pieces they can be a bright choice for recess areas, or multiple works can make a surprising and entrancing sculptural display if scattered.


Prices for original artworks start from £350

Growing up on the Great Lakes created in me a sense that this natural world we live in is more beautiful and mysterious then we will ever know."

- Mary Johnston

Keyleigh's Choice - The Bisaillon Brothers

Wyecliffe Exclusive

With a futuristic eye and avant-garde approach, Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon collaborate on stand out works featuring legendary faces within the entertainment industry, from Marilyn Monroe to David Bowie. Found day to day overseeing our vast portfolio, our Studio Co-Ordinator Keyleigh has chosen an edit focusing on iconic champagnes and spirits from a new signature collection just arrived from the Bisaillon Brothers. Ideal for bar areas and dining rooms, Keyleigh adores the vibrant colour and social vibe of these box canvas editions, particularly admiring heritage brand Cristal.


Prices for Editions start at £595

We believe artists must use the amazing tools available today and combine them with the processes from the past."

- The Bisaillon Brothers

Katia's Choice - David Renshaw

Flagship Gallery

Having worked closely with David Renshaw for over a decade, his heartfelt series following lifelong companions Doris and Ted were the natural choice for Katia, our Head of Sales. Having collaborated with the artist to introduce his first ever boutique edition to the market several years ago, she loves the blue-skied series ‘Our First Date’; a charming edition inspired by the artist’s first date with his wife, Katia adores the fragments of storytelling runs through the Northern Romance series. Every edition featured a hand painted heart in different locations, making every single piece unique.  


Prices for Boutique Editions start at £495

My paintings are a reflection of my innermost thoughts and feelings."

- David Renshaw

Cara's Choice - Becky Smith

Wyecliffe Exclusive

Admiring the transportive quality of the idyllic naturally inspired original works of emerging painter Becky Smith, our designer Cara has selected a series of affordable shaped canvas pieces which may be hung in pairs or as single statement works. With an eye for form and arrangement, Cara loves the artists ability to make impact with elegant motifs such as an individual tree set against a metallic leaf background. With prices starting at just £300, selecting works from the early stages of an artist’s career is a fantastic way to secure original paintings at affordable values.


Prices for original artworks start from £295

I draw inspiration from wildlife and tropical birds I've seen and fallen in love with whilst travelling across the world."

- Becky Smith

Adam's Choice - Amy Louise

Collection Just Arrived

Capturing the quirky personality of domestic and wild creatures, Amy Louise smothers the background of every portrait with a delicious coat of Farrow and Ball for a bold contrast. Studio Co-Ordinator Adam meticulously packs every outgoing painting and has seen a surge in collectors picking these animal portraits. Versatile in nature, original works are displayed in focal areas in the home from kitchens and living spaces to beautifully decorated nurseries.


Prices for original artworks start from £390

Becky's Choice - Lhouette

Flagship Gallery

Having won an international collector base for his distinctive brand of Pop Maximalism, Gallery Co-Ordinator Becky has singled out a series of minimal original tiles created by Lhouette exclusively for Wyecliffe Galleries. In the colours of gold, silver and bronze all of these ‘Mini’ works from his Video Heaven collection feature his recognised emblem Angel Cake. Becky has singled out this title as an opportunity to secure an original work from an artist whose stature in the contemporary art field is on the rise; with previous prestigious exhibitions at The Dorchester, and art placed at Christies this may be one of the last chances to secure original pieces at such keen value.


Prices for Angel Cake Mini's start at £395

Once these conditions are met: the works are painstakingly recorded in our state-of-the-art database system (including advanced location tracking) and extensively photographed by Lucy and the image processing team. With extensive ‘macro’ detail shots utilising the Canon EOS 5DS camera: these shots not only form the basis for internet and print promotions: but form a visual record of the work at ultra-high resolution.

Finally; the works that aren’t immediately selected for the gallery walls (or better still, immediately dispatched to a lucky collector) are archived in our temperature controlled ‘vault’. Stored upright, fully surrounded in custom high-impact expanded rubber: the securely stored paintings are routinely checked and rotated onto gallery displays to ensure they remain in mint condition.