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Alex Echo Exhibition!

  • 1 min read

Our Weybridge Gallery 'Studio' is many things: a workspace for artists, a video and photography production space and above all -  a fantastic gallery to showcase art. With our acquisition of stunning large-scale works by the celebrated Alex Echo, we're relishing the chance to showcase these vivid, vibrant abstracts using the Studio's full size and scale.

One of the many things that makes Echo's work such a joy to exhibit is the highly physical, tactile nature of the paintings and they way they respond to light, movement and atmosphere. Some panels are resin-coated to a mirror-like sheen; reflecting the light and really bringing out the colours. Other works are matte to reveal the texture of the paints and metal of the panels. In his most complex pointillist-style images the gloss and matte combine together, allowing for intricate interplay of light.

Join us at our Weybridge studio to experience these phenomenal pieces for yourself! In the meantime, here's a demo we filmed!


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