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Ben RiLEY - Volcanic Sand Collection

  • 2 min read


Dive into Ben RiLEY's 'Volcanic Sand' collection, where nature's icons come alive in monochromatic brilliance. Explore meticulous artistry with global volcanic black sand. Experience art's evolution and environmental consciousness.

In his latest collection, "Volcanic Sand," acclaimed artist Ben RiLEY takes a bold step into the realm of Mother Nature, using volcanic black sand sourced from around the world to craft stunning portraits of some of nature's greatest creations. Departing from his iconic use of disused bakelite and vinyl records, RiLEY's transition to natural materials reflects a deep connection to the environment and a response to the urgency of climate change.

"11 years ago, I came up with the concept of creating edgy portraits of music icons using disused, broken, ground down and powdered bakelite and vinyl records. My thought process was, by eliminating the use of usual mediums such as paints, pens, pencils and charcoals, I would get closer to the characters, and quite literally using music itself to immortalise these icons."

Eliminating traditional mediums, RiLEY's innovative approach allows him to get closer to his subjects, infusing his artwork with the very essence of nature. The volcanic black sand becomes a unique canvas, enabling the artist to achieve an unparalleled level of detail. Each piece is a labor of love, with RiLEY dedicating days, sometimes weeks, to meticulously craft every detail, bringing out the character and spirit of his subjects.

"...after months of planning, I decided to make the transition from man made to Mother Nature, and given climate change is at such a state of decline, I felt now is the time."

In this groundbreaking collection, RiLEY's reverence for nature shines through, as he continues his methodical and meticulous approach to art. "Volcanic Sand" stands as the artist's magnum opus, a testament to his evolution as a creator and a profound exploration of the beauty found in the natural world.

"I have created a series of portraits of some of mother nature‘s greatest creations from volcanic black sand sourced from around the world, carrying on my method of working, using the same tools as before, I approach each piece with a high degree of reverence, each and every detail methodically and meticulously crafted, bringing out the character, spirit and essence of my subject spending days, sometimes weeks on each work. I can achieve a far higher level of detail from this beautiful black volcanic sand, and feel that this is my greatest body of work to date."

Experience the transcendence of art and nature in Ben RiLEY's latest collection, where every stroke tells a story of environmental consciousness and creative brilliance.

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