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The Bisaillon Brothers - Jbis Art

  • 3 min read

Jbis Art is the vision of both Jeffrey Bisaillon and his brother Michael and they have been producing art for over 20 years in many genres. Jeffrey has always connected with the Abstract and has been painting abstracts for many years. Michael has always connected with symbology and thematic elements in pop art.

As the Brothers worked together on the “Modern Visage Series”, ideas began to emerge involving Jeffrey’s love of the Abstract and his keen eye towards modern art and design; along with Michael’s love of symbology and the digital art process. Every idea and style of art the Brothers have a passion for would come to fruition and 'the POP Collection' was born.

What inspires you as artists?

We are both inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Jean Michel’s unparalleled creativity and use of symbology and social commentary in his pieces was simply amazing.

As a leading figure in the Pop Art movement, Andy’s use ofbranding and Celebrity has a big influence on us.

At the current moment we are heavily inspired by cultural history and some of the things that inspire our art pieces are the human obsession with materialistic living, branding and the need of current society to search for acceptance and validation through our phones via social media.  

When you were younger, what were your influences / what inspired you?

Our Grandfather was a phenomenal landscape and wildlife painter, and his brother was an illustrator. Art runs deep in our family, art classes were always our favourite classes in school.

Are you inspired by the New York art scene?

Absolutely, we are lucky to live so close to one of the greatest art meccas in the world; anytime we want we can visit the city and go to an art show or walk all the galleries or museums to get inspiration.

Can you discuss the connection between digital and traditional art making processes – and describe how this furthers your work?

Before photography artists painted the world around them.After photography was invented this changed and there was no longer a need to documentthe world with art allowing a major boost in creativity of artistic works.With the invention of the digital process art is once againundergoing a massive evolution.We believe artists must use the amazing tools available today and combine themwith the processes from the past.

Can you talk about the connection between you and your brother? How do you create pieces together?

The POP Collection utilizes the world around us in the form of iconic people we love and respect or brands that enhance our life experience. These images are a combination of colorful abstracts by Jeffrey with inspiration from the evolution of art that occurred after photography. Symbology and the digital tools of today are utilized by Michael and the POP Collection continues to evolve...

Do you find working with your brother affects your process?

Yes, it absolutely affects the process for the better.We both have our strengths, and when we collaborate and produce pieces together, they are so much better because of that!

We hear Miami was very successful for you – how do you feel the show went? Miami has such a strong art culture now, is that why you wanted to preview work there?

We have been showing in Miami during Art Basel week for many years now. Miami is consistently one of our best markets. It has taken some time,but every year has been better than the previous, and it is now paying off. Our show this past December was our first sold out show to date. If you are a serious artist who is trying to further your art career, showing in Miami during Art Basel Week is paramount.

What’s next for you? Any exciting ideas in the pipeline?

Currently, our newest series “The Pop Collection” is our primary focus. We have only produced 15 pieces in the series to date and have many plans to make it more brilliant with over 20 new pieces coming soon.