Christmas gifting guide - Wyecliffe's top picks

November 19, 2019

Christmas gifting guide - Wyecliffe's top picks

Art is the perfect gift for Christmas

Selecting art on behalf of a loved one may seem daunting with so many styles and genres to choose from, though with a team of art advisors to help navigate our unrivalled portfolio of originals, limited editions and sculptures there is the perfect gift for everyone this Christmas at Wyecliffe.

To help kick start your festive season, we have hand selected our top picks to provide inspiration for one of the most thoughtful gifts that can be received. Working with every budget starting from just £170 for affordable original works, there are pieces that will delight with vibrancy and stir shared memories.

With our services extending to UK and international shipment, plus 0% interest free credit available, picking an ideal present for that special someone in your life has never been easier.

Kerry Darlington

There are few artists that transcend both generation and culture, though Kerry Darlington has amassed a devoted international collector-base for her extraordinary nature and folklore inspired works. With a magpie-like approach to literary tales, the most recognisable stories are deftly entwined into the artists own fantasy world in which faeries and magic are real.

With compositions ranging from stunningly beautiful portraiture in the form of Swan Lake inspired recent boutique edition 'Young Odette' or pieces to make the heart melt such as the woodland tea party of 'Elixir of Love' – there are works for your nieces and nephews or your grandparents in our flagship portfolio.

David Renshaw

Take your loved one on a voyage around the world with Doris and Ted, the painted companions from the imagination of renowned artist David Renshaw. Though originally inspired by vintage photographs of the North of England, these romantic travellers have journeyed beyond their home visiting New York to the Northern Lights in each other’s company. All featuring the symbolic motif of a luscious red heart, your loved one will have no mistake in how much you care if presented with one of Renshaw’s heartfelt works.

Select from the rich original works on board crafted from oil paints, to the delicate format of a rare pencil sketch. Boutique editions are highly coveted, and with whispers that a new release is on the horizon exclusively at Wyecliffe, romance is in the air this Christmas.

Andrew Grant-Kurtis

Referencing the evocative use of light in iconic works crafted by JMW Turner and paying homage to the dreamy mist Claude Monet shrouded London within the original oil paintings of Andrew Grant Curtis are the perfect choice for the true art connoisseur. Perfectly fusing classic elegance with the modern skyline of our capital city, these nuanced compositions are the ultimate timeless selection.

An incredible painter adept at playing with scale, compact compositions start at just £350 proving that modern masterpieces don’t have to cost the earth. For a standout choice, works such a 'Sunshine Sparkle, Morning Haze' will be enjoyed by your loved one for years to come.

Rozanne Bell

With a zingy pep for life, the charisma of Rozanne Bell radiates through her bright mixed media paintings. Born in Zimbabwe and having moved to the UK over 15 years ago, the artists talent lies in bringing the clear light of Africa to British flora and fauna. Recently introducing luxe metallics and shimmering sparkle to her coastal and floral scenes, her original paintings are a true celebration of the seasons of this country.

The ultimate selection to put an ear to ear smile across the face of your special someone on Christmas morning, highlights for the winter season include Bell’s remarkable silver birches with dancing leaves in cool purple and blue hues, starting at £595.

Amy Louise

Animal lovers will rejoice at receiving any of Amy Louises quirky modern portraits this Christmas. Each with a Farrow and Ball block colour background, the artist focuses on capturing the character of the creature; penguins joyously dance and giraffes curiously gaze. Developing her series families of flamingos and mothers with cubs now feature in affirming works, reminding that devotion between parent and child reaches into the animal kingdom and beyond.

Pick from hippos to tigers, and peacocks to koalas; every corner of Earths wilderness can be found within the portfolio of Amy Louise. Still can’t find your loved one’s favourite animal? Just get in touch and we’ll be sure to help.

Becky Smith

Innovating from the very start of her artistic career, Becky Smith presents her works unbounded by the tradition of working within just four sides. Gaining considerable momentum, her paradise like works are borne from custom canvas’ in circular and heart shaped forms. Easily placed in any home for their exquisite use of tonal colour set against a backdrop of golden and silver leaf works as well as pure aluminium sheets, each original work is dedicated to motifs ranging from hummingbirds and lovebirds, to blossoming trees.

With themes of nourishment, good health and prosperity in nature, these avant-garde original works will share your good wishes with your family at Christmas time and beyond.

Once these conditions are met: the works are painstakingly recorded in our state-of-the-art database system (including advanced location tracking) and extensively photographed by Lucy and the image processing team. With extensive ‘macro’ detail shots utilising the Canon EOS 5DS camera: these shots not only form the basis for internet and print promotions: but form a visual record of the work at ultra-high resolution.

Finally; the works that aren’t immediately selected for the gallery walls (or better still, immediately dispatched to a lucky collector) are archived in our temperature controlled ‘vault’. Stored upright, fully surrounded in custom high-impact expanded rubber: the securely stored paintings are routinely checked and rotated onto gallery displays to ensure they remain in mint condition.

Paola Cassais

Add a little summertime to your Christmas Day with the extraordinary beach scenes of Italian born, Spanish based artist Paola Cassias. Instantly recognisable for her tiny figures scattered across the shore, her paint work is an illusion to the eye. Smooth sands and crashing waves are the perfect setting for her thickly daubed people in three-dimensional rainbow colours. Joyously flying kites and playing volleyball, her works focus on the importance of cherishing quality time.

Most recently Cassias’s cast of characters have been scattered into heart formations – whether you pick the symbol of love or a day by the seaside, your family will know how much you care when gifted one of these spectacular originals.

Kate Taylor

Motion is at the very centre of the lively compositions from Canadian artist Kate Taylor. Likening her practice as the intent to capture the joy of being present within nature, petals blowing in the wind and rippling streams are distilling into pure abstracted form. Respecting the formation of the natural grain in the wooden panels she paints onto; washes of colour are sometimes minimal to expose the beauty of the material beneath.

With an almost jewel like quality, her most compact works at 15 x 15 inches are deceptively impactful, proving good things do indeed come in small packages. Create a new tradition for your significant other by gifting a Kate Taylor painting each Christmas – different finishes and contrasting palettes look exceptional when hung in unusual formations, meaning they will look forward to every festive season with fresh vigour.

Chris DeRubeis

Typically known for huge scale multi-panel abstract works, internationally acclaimed artist Chris DeRubeis has transformed his original works to include a series of striking compositions perfect for a festive happy hour. Featuring glasses of fine wine, lethal cocktails and double measures of the very best scotch, each beverage features an almost holographic like quality. DeRubeis has fine tuned his technique, skilled in producing these dazzling effects by working into the metal with pigments and chemicals, positioning him as artist come alchemist.

Pick your loved one’s favourite tipple, and perhaps treat yourself to yours this Christmas and create a matching pair that unites your art collections. Starting from just £695 for each title.

If you would rather share in the experience of selecting art for the one you care about most, Wyecliffe’s versatile Gift Vouchers could be the perfect alternative solution. Available in denominations of £25 and provided in your choice of format; via e-mail with a unique redemption code, or more traditionally in a presentation gift box there is a wealth of opportunity within our vast art catalogue.

Speak to one of our friendly team members on 01932 847939 for advice or any additional information about our delivery services and purchasing options before Christmas. Always let us know if your purchase is a surprise present, as we will go the extra mile to ensure your thoughtful gift remains a secret, from unbranded boxes and removal of documentation within your parcel to keep your budget just between us.

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