David Renshaw at Christmas

December 16, 2017

David Renshaw at Christmas

Our next studio visit is with the incredibly likeable and outstandingly talented artist David Renshaw. Having inspired thousands of collectors with his warm-hearted series of original paintings 'A Northern Romance' featuring beloved characters Doris and Ted, and building upon his awesome reputation as the UK's leading landscape painter, we were keen to catch up with him during the festive season, to look back at a magnificent 2017 as well as look forward to next year... 

What inspires you at most at this time of year?  

The contrast between crisp cool hues of winter and the warm glow from street lamps, and lit windows of shops and houses. When I started painting, it was the natural landscape that really inspired me and so I always return to the scenery around me, but even more so at Christmas.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

Decorating the Christmas tree accompanied by a nice glass of port or three! As likely shows in my work, family is incredibly important to me and so I guess a tradition would also be getting all of us in the same room on Christmas Day.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

My children’s faces on Discovering Father Christmas’s footprints across the living room floor on Christmas morning.... it’s amazing what you can create with an old work boot, flour and glitter! 

Take it All In  - David Renshaw

'Take it all in'

Skies of Blue - David Renshaw

'Skies of Blue'

A Home Full of Love - David Renshaw

'A Home Full of Love'

What have been your Highlights of 2017?

Seeing my grandson Oliver coming on in leaps and bounds and finding out I’m going to be a grandparent again with a new arrival (baby girl) due next April. Myself and my wife Claire had our own children relatively young and so having Oliver around reminds us of that new parent feeling! We can't wait to have cuddles with the new born.

What are your plans for 2018?

To travel more and explore new ideas for painting. I would love to travel around New Zealand; I start every painting I create with the sky and the thought of the endless mountain ranges and enormous panoramas just excites me so much! I love to keep evolving both the landscape and Northern Romance collections (and perhaps start new themes as well) and travelling is fundamental to that for me. 

Do you have any New Years resolutions?

Not really, but as I get older I just try to maintain good ‘all year round’ habits of regular exercise and a balanced diet to stay as fit and healthy as I can. It can be quite static as a painter and so I do like to keep in shape!


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