War, Ballet and Clint Eastwood: The Incredible Story of Artist Alex Jawdokimov!

September 03, 2016

War, Ballet and Clint Eastwood: The Incredible Story of Artist Alex Jawdokimov!

The art world is a vibrant culture, famous for its accomplished individuals and their rich, fascinating histories. But there is one artist whose life is arguably the most incredible of all: the legendary Alex Jawdokimov.

An Astonishing Artist

Today he is loved the world over for his iconic silver birch tree paintings and his earlier depictions of towns and cities. But amazing as it sounds, art (despite being his greatest passion) is only one of many careers this most enigmatic of artists has held during his astonishing life...

Jawdokimov original art

Jawdokimov's Dark Past

Born on a communal 'kolhoz' farm in Smolensk, Russia: Jawdokimov narrowly escaped with his life during the holocaust. After being incarcerated in several concentration camps across Europe, Jawdokimov eventually travelled to England as a refugee, thanks to his mother; a former dancer and an entertainer in refugee camps. Settling in Somerset, his mother found work as a housekeeper in a stately home while Alex enrolled at the Somerset College of Art in Taunton, learning English within two weeks (he was already fluent in Russian, German and French).

Jawdokimov meets Michael Caine (Among Others!)

By 1956, Alex was a naturalised British citizen and after a brief spell in Canada as an RAF pilot, returned to the UK to form Russian Cossack Dance Company: a touring group based in London. It was in the capital that Jawdokimov also began a distinguished career as a character actor, appearing alongside Michael Caine, Clint Eastwood, Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. His filmography includes 'The Eagle Has Landed' 'Surviving Picasso' and the notorious 'Ishtar', as well as TV roles in 'The Bill' and 'Minder' plus plays at the Royal Court.

Jawdokimov Silver Birches

Original Art: Jawdokimov's True Calling...

With stints as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for an advertising agency; it was clear to Jawdokimov that art was his true love. Beginning the third act of his career exhibiting his paintings on the famous Bayswater Road art market he soon developed a reputation for his vivid, soulful depictions of London and European cities.

Jawdokimov artist

Embracing the art-scene full time, Jawdokimov lives in North London where he continues to paint successfully on the international stage. His 'muse' these days being almost exclusively the silver birch trees that have become cherished throughout the world.

The Wyecliffe Galleries began to exhibit his work in 2015 with the art receiving immediate acclaim, we now hold one of the largest collections of his work in the UK.
With his trademark exacting draftsmanship; precisely controlled colour palette and exquisite use of gold leaf, Jawdokimov is truly an 'artist's artist'!

Jawdokimov gold leaf

See his impeccable technique up close in this video:


...And see Wyecliffe Galleries' magnificent Jawdokimov collection here!

 View more artist videos here.

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