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Introducing Sophia Alvis of Lee


Get to know emerging artist Sophia Alvis of Lee through this exclusive interview about her striking debut collection now showing at Wyecliffe Galleries. She provides illuminating insight into her creative vision.


We recently had the privilege of sitting down with acclaimed contemporary artist Sophia Alvis of Lee to discuss her stunning debut collection, now on view at Wyecliffe Galleries. Read on to learn more about Sophia's background, creative process, sources of inspiration, and what draws her to portrait art.

Can you share a bit about your family life and upbringing? How did that shape the artist you are today?

"I am very family oriented, we usually spend a lot of time with family when we can, having a Mediterranean background, family is very important to me. Both my parents are very creative. My mother having a theatrical background encouraged expressing art through dance and theatre and my father has always encouraged painting from a very young age. Art had a big presence in our home growing up."

When did your passion for art first begin and who helped nurture it?

"I can’t remember a time of not loving art of some form! As young as I can remember we were encouraged to express ourselves through art. Art had a big presence in our home growing up. We were surrounded by artists in the village we grew up, just a little village in Surrey that seemed to attract artists, musicians, actors and producers."

Do you have a designated art studio?

"My art studio is at home which is ideal in the way I work. I’m quite impulsive at times, when I feel the need to create I’m lucky enough to have my studio close by for access at any time, day or night. I guess the disadvantage is sometimes I get carried away and will work through the night."

When did you start producing art?

"As young as I can remember we were encouraged to express ourselves through art. As I got older I would produce art for myself, friends and family, the demand organically grew, so I would say about 8 years ago it became more of a business."

Can you describe your path in becoming an artist and how your distinctive aesthetic evolved?

"When creating for friends and family I would try and create the art they wanted,and although I loved painting, trying to create something a client has in their head takes away the creative process slightly. Producing various different styles from Franz Kline abstract style to more traditional portraits I soon came to realise what I enjoyed painting and with what mediums and it always came back to modern portraits."

Which other artists or movements inspire you?

"My early career started as a professional dancer. My mother and grandmother were both dancers, being surrounded by theatrics, it was in the blood. With a classical background as my core training, I then moved into a more modern dance form, I travelled Europe & America working on TV & stage with artists such as Kylie, Black Eyed Peas & Maroon 5. Inspiration was absorbed when travelling, from sightseeing to emotions I felt.
Working with dance and TV definitely has a big influence on my pieces. When I decided to retire as a dancer, my artistic expression was channelled through painting.
Artists that inspire me, there are far too many to mention. For me art is a little bit like music, it depends on what mood you are in to which artist I am drawn to, each time taking a little something away, from technique to emotions."

How would you describe your creative process? What materials and techniques do you use?

"After choosing a subject, photos are taken to capture the feeling I want to create. I then paint the subjects digitally. This takes time and precision. The subject is then printed using Giclee, and the canvas is then finished by adding detail to the hair and faces by hand with acrylic. Other details and embellishments added using various mediums and textures."

What excited you most about this debut collection for Wyecliffe showcasing your work?

"This collection is a representation of struggle and solace, with a positive light. Each woman painted has been chosen for their strong demeanour, they are powerful, beautiful souls which I hope comes across when looking at the painting.

In this collection. The sparkle seen is crushed glass/diamond dust, chosen instead of glitter for his beautiful appearance, and the way it catches the light.

Birds - The birds represent freedom. In this collection, the birds are placed either by the subject's mind or heart.

Skulls- represent that we are all human, no matter where you come from or the experiences you have had.

Graffiti - purposely words that have no meaning to echo the minds of the subjects in the paintings. The noise of the surroundings."

We thank Sophia Alvis of Lee for providing an illuminating look into her artistic approach and vision. Make sure to experience her moving debut collection first-hand at Wyecliffe Galleries or online. Sophia is undoubtedly an important emerging voice and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this talented multi-media artist.

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