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Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Kerry Darlington's 'Swan Lake': A Delicate Masterpiece

Inspiration and Details Behind 'Swan Lake'

Kerry Darlington's artwork 'Swan Lake' continues the legacy of her archive collection pieces, 'Young Odette' and 'Swan Princess'. Both these pieces were also inspired by Tchaikovsky's classic ballet and, in 'Swan Lake', we see the continuation of this muse.

'Swan Lake' by Kerry Darlington is a stunning and captivating piece of art that is sure to add value to any collection. With its mesmerizing use of feathers and wings, and intricate illustrative details, it is a piece that is both beautiful and meaningful.

  • Medium: Unique Limited Edition on board. Delicate blue & silver metallic leaf embellishment with a satin varnish finish. Featuring the first ever satin varnished 3D embellishments in Kerry's collection.
  • Image Size: 47 x 47 cm / 18.5" x 18.5"
  • Framed Size: 67 x 67 cm / 26.4" x 26.4"
  • Frame: Signature silver / blue sculpted wooden frame
  • Only 95 editions worldwide plus 20 Artist Proofs


Kerry Darlington's latest portrait, 'Swan Lake', is a stunning work of art that seamlessly blends inspiration from Tchaikovsky's classic ballet with Darlington's own unique artistic style. As a flagship artist at Wyecliffe Galleries, Darlington's upcoming release is sure to be a must-see for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Previous works, 'Swan Princess' and 'Young Odette', both drew inspiration from the ballet 'Swan Lake'. In 'Young Odette', Darlington captured the grace and elegance of the ill-fated love story. The painting portrays the character of Odette as a swan, cursed to spend her days on a lake filled with tears, only to be transformed back into her human form at night. In contrast, 'Swan Princess' depicts a princess embracing the idea of transforming into a swan. The painting captures the contentedness of life-changing decisions, showing the princess embracing her new form.

Kerry Darlington's art often incorporates feathers and wings to convey a sense of otherworldliness and ethereal beauty. This theme is present in her previous works such as 'Cosmic Angel', where delicate wings surround her muse, 'Anam Cara', where delicate grey feathers coat the figures in a downy blanket, and 'Eternal Echoes', where downy feathers create a dress and headdress. By using feathers and wings in her art, Darlington creates a sense of connection to the natural world and the divine, resulting in captivating and mesmerizing compositions.


The level of detail in Kerry Darlington's previous works is truly remarkable, and 'Swan Lake' is no exception. The intricate details present in the young girl's dress in 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', 'Look for the Light', and 'Sleeping Beauty' are mirrored in the background of 'Swan Lake', showcasing Kerry's meticulous attention to detail. Her affinity for detailed elements can be seen in her previous works, such as the gold metal leaf details in the dress of her second Goldilocks piece, where key moments from the tale were intricately woven into the fabric, including the famous spinning needle and a fairy godmother figure. The level of detail seen in 'Goldilocks' and 'Astral Storylines' is reminiscent of the level of detail present in 'Swan Lake', making it a truly special piece in the Folklore Collection. Kerry has poured her heart and soul into the entirety of this project, and every detail of the piece is a clear example of the hard work and dedication she has put into bringing the story to life.

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