Anne Blundell - 'Lookout Cottage in Winter'

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"Once Upon a Town"

For the first day of Christmas we're focusing on a painting we think encapsulates all the fun of a winter holiday.... 'Lookout Cottage in Winter' by Anne Blundell.

Surprised? So were we - pleasantly so: after all, Anne Blundell is an artist famous for sunny seaside towns: nostalgic trips into bustling fishing villages and summer holiday spots. But Blundell know that quaint little harbours aren't just for summer - they're also about safe haven in winter: atmospheric wintry scenes, lighthouses in the fog and snug cottages huddled in the snow...

Join the Celebration

The UK is a world of hobbyists, shopkeepers, and ramblers. An adventurer herself, Anne Blundell sails the UK's rivers, canals and estuaries with her husband, taking her inspiration from Britain's gorgeous little villages; the bustle and flow of everyday life - folks about their business, be it work or play.

This intricate work is the definitive showcase of Blundell's technique - teaming with life and detail; her trademark distant perspective revealing an abundance of nooks and crannies, secret paths and intricate architecture all alive with activity and movement. The viewer can stare at a Blundell painting for hours and still spot a new humorous detail.... We've zoomed in on a couple here in this article but everyone will have their own favourite vignette - my personal pick is the policeman and parish priest rescuing a cat off the roof of the local church. See if you can spot it!

A Quintessentially British Christmas

Snowballs, sledding, boating, cosy holiday cottages and walking the dogs along a windswept beach. These are just a few of the memories that make Christmas such an emotionally resonant time. For this reason, we believe Anne Blundell's painting is a perfect evocation of a very British festive season.

From Anne and all of us here at Wyecliffe; we hope you have just as much fun this Christmas as the citizens of 'Lookout Cottage in Winter'. What will YOU be doing over the holidays?


Merry Christmas from Wyecliffe!