Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Posh Pawn - Wyecliffe's Ben features on Channel 4

Channel 4’s Posh Pawn unveils the world of luxury pawnbroking through the eyes of UK specialist Prestige Pawnbrokers.  From designer handbags to fighter jets and everything in between, the programme explores the intrinsic value of the some of the worlds most coveted items.  Requiring specialist assistance to appraise contemporary art, Wyecliffe Galleries has been involved in the valuation of original paintings and fine art objects for many years. Exclusively valuing works for Prestige Pawnbrokers alone, Wyecliffe’s Ben Fry and Katia Hickmer Dacey have featured on episodes of Posh Pawn to lend James Constantinou and Lawrence Pickett extra assistance to authenticate and appraise works from Kerry Darlington, Lhouette and even a portrait of Saddam Hussein.


Recently Gallery Director Ben Fry was invited to review the collection of equine artist Laura Jeanne who sought a loan against her unique portfolio to invest funds towards materials for new works.  An enterprising young woman based in Hertfordshire, publicly displayed works have including hand painted horse statues adorned with blossoming roses, soaring eagles, and intricate lace designs.  Private commissions have been accepted from the Middle East where Jeanne’s talent for crafted powerful horses on canvas has found a natural collector base.  Spending time in her studio with Posh Pawn’s Lawrence, the pair enjoyed the opportunity to support an emerging artist. Already screened in Finland, the show revealed a successful outcome for Laura.

In November 2017, an early work from post urban glamour artist Lhouette required Ben and Katia’s insight from years of representing his portfolio. An incredible hybrid piece, an oil cable drum had been up-cycled to become both fine art furniture in the form of a coffee table, as well as a fully wall mountable art piece.  Featuring a mash up of global iconography from superman to bugs bunny, the piece was an early example of what has become the artist’s trade mark; raw materials combined with luxury brands.  Already selected for artist residency at The Dorchester Collection, as well as endorsements through the acquisitions made by known art lovers Antonio Banderas and Ronan Keating a feature on Channel 4 rounded Lhouette’s year off in incredible fashion.  Learn more about Lhouette here...

With an increasingly established secondary market, Kerry Darlington’s original works have featured on Posh Pawn on more than one occasion.  Her esteemed Pre-Raphaelite collection comprises some of Darlington’s largest and most complex paintings. Measuring 7ft x 4ft, the expressive original figurative work Sakura inspired by Japanese cherry blossom was offered for valuation to raise capital following hard times by art-collecting couple Paul and Jackie Ellingworth in 2014. Worth an incredible £95,000, the piece had raised nearly 4 times in value since the couple’s original purchase from Wyecliffe Galleries.  In 2016, of similar stature the outstanding ethereal piece The Lady of Shalott by Kerry Darlington was bought to Prestige Pawnbrokers attention by Millie Cooper having been acquired several years before. Validating the exceptionally active trade of Darlington’s works, the piece received a similar valuation figure in the tens of thousands. Learn more about Kerry Darlington here...


As official and exclusive art valuers for Prestige Pawnbrokers, Ben and Katia are in frequent contact with this international business, cementing a relationship of trust and expertise.  

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