Rozanne Bell's New Adventures in Art

February 25, 2019

Rozanne Bell's New Adventures in Art

Artist Rozanne Bell: Life in the Fun Lane

One of the sunniest, most exuberant artists working today: Zimbabwe born Rozanne 'Roz' Bell has developed a loyal following with her fun-loving and atmospheric renditions of sunny coastal villages, enchanted moonlit villages and irresistible animal characters.

This artist begun 2019 in characteristically optimistic and energetic fashion: with a prolific wave of inspired new ideas and genres, from glittering 'floral abstracts' to stately Silver Birch forests.

So Grab a glass of what you fancy and find out what this ever-popular artist has been up to, as Wyecliffe chats with Rozanne Bell about her fantastic and productive year so far...

You’re constantly trying new subject matters and styles – any favourites?

I’m leaning towards favouring the less complex work, things that I can keep simplistic. I find the best way to get depth in my work is to use layers and layers of paint and resin, but my favourites at the moment are the pieces of work that are more straightforward. I particularly enjoy playing with abstract flower ideas at the moment which is where my new metallic flowers have stemmed from.

You recently launched new Silver Birch Trees: what attracted you to this genre?

About 6 years ago I did a range of countries with colourful trees at the top. I wanted to revisit this idea in a more up to date way, keeping it as simple as I could and incorporating my new love of metallic colours.

Your new florals are amazing! They have a semi-abstract feel where they are not in any vase or garden, but exist on their own terms in a more freestyle type arrangement – what was the inspiration behind that?

Again, many of my styles at the moment relate back to something I’ve explored before. These flowers are a new take on my floating poppies, pretty much the first floral range I launched in the UK. I really enjoy making each of these unique using different metallics and glitters.

We’ve has a lot of great comments about those beautiful, rippled metallic backgrounds, which are a recent evolution of yours. Are we allowed to know how you achieved that amazing effect? Is it a new technique you’ve discovered?

That’s lovely to hear! It’s a combination of techniques that I’ve used before and a few new tricks. I can’t say more than that though!

What’s in store for the future? The new Rozanne Bell artistic destination!

Making a painting perfect for me isn’t about how the piece turns out, it’s about the enjoyment I have producing it. The older I get, the more important that is to me.

Due to a very limited concentration span and a brain congested with art ideas, I find it is very important to have the creative release of exploring the ideas buzzing through my head – and there is an archive of ideas that keep me up at night! Behind the scenes my studio is heaving with techniques and samples of things to come in the future. Even though I have so many mess ups, I’m like a dog with a bone – I will keep pursuing something until I find a way that works.


What many people don’t know is my love of abstracts. I have literally stacks and stacks of different techniques and ideas that I constantly play with. I’m also happiest when working on a larger scale – the bigger the painting the better!

Quite often, after a few Gins, I get brave and try something completely off the wall. Although sometimes I come down in the morning and think ‘what was I thinking…?’ surprisingly, many of these gin soaked experiments can be happy accidents!

I am constantly motivated by the competitive art market, yet I feel very grateful that as an artist, the one thing I am never low on is ideas.

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